People who bought, before,during and after the attack till the first halt should be the only ones getting the news tokens.

Vultures who bought after the network resumed don’t deserve to get anything.

Make it a more fair distribution.

Why do you think there vultures are against your proposal ?


These vultures bought millions and billions, yet you decide to compensate them when they’re against your proposal because they want you to Burn LUNA so they can sell at a higher price and abandon the project.

These people don’t give a s*** about LUNA or Terra so please take this in consideration.

This post is to DK


What about people who bought after 7TH may.

People who bought solely based on your tweets you kicked them out.

You seem to cover us in the first proposal then you are completely ignoring now.

All the people are equal. You are covering the people who bought before 7th May and after 13 may when circulation jumped to trillions.

But what about the people who bought during 8 to 12 may price was still high and supply was 400M to 10 B at max.

You are compensating the people (i am mot against it) who sold that’s why people bought 8 to 12 may because they sold and they are compensating still

And people who bought at 0.1 to 70$ literraly getting nothing because they bought during 8 to 12 may.

IF you want to make it fair then don’t give everyone everything or do it in a fair manner.

Why it’s hard to understand there are three type of groups.

People who bought before the attack
People who bought during the attack (before the last halt)
People who bought and buying after the last halt resume.

So distribute in a fair manner.

You either do snapshot before the last halt.

Or maybe there should be three snapshot.

On 7th May as proposed.
On 12/13Th May (before the halt)
On 27th May as you proposed.

Everyone would be equal in that sense.

Because most of us who bought during 8 to 12 may literally getting nothing

Or fairly distribute people according to the circulation they bought at.


I completely agree. Post attack condensation must be divided. 50% to ppl snapshot at (12-13th may) and the other 50% for 27th snapshot.

If you bought $10k at $25 you will get 400 Luna, buying a dip thinking the mechanism will work and things will work out. $10k at $0.0025 is 4 Million Luna. So basically our money is gone!

This is not fair at all and ppl who bought at these date should not be left behind !


In general, I agree.
The smartest of them managed to earn dozens of X’s. Although someone is punished in an attempt to cash in, a new downgrade)
But everyone who bought before the blockchain stopped is sitting at a huge loss.
Although I bought more even after the restart in order to equalize the price, because I understood that I was in very unequal conditions with those who came to profit. Thanks to this, I’m not worse than everyone … I still have only -80% )
I do not need much. I just don’t mind getting back the money I spent supporting the system during the crash.
This is 10% of my deposit, including the sale of good assets.


If you compare the ratios of airdrop for:

Pre-depeg luna - 1x

Post depeg luna - 15x

Post depeg ust - 30x

So post depeg luna and ust will get much more LUNA airdrop for same $ invested

new buyers should stay on luna classic only old luna community should stay on luna too i think lunac will outperform the new luna so i don’t want airdorop :smirk::smirk:

Never going to happen - who do you think bought the bottom for almost nothing? I could hazard a guess.

Vultures aka “ true believers “

Who cares when they bought the coins? All investors should stand to make a profit on the investment. And Terra needs to restore the coins to where they were prior to the collapse. This means that the circulating supply should be returned to what it was before the 6.5~ trillion. And if these investors got lucky and it makes you mad so what. Blowing out other people’s birthday candles doesn’t make you shine any brighter. This is a critical situation and the excess coins need to be burned off to restore LUNC and USTC back to their original circulating supply prior to the disaster.

Birthday candles my ass, 3 zeroes and below buyers haven’t lost shit therefore they didn’t deserve airdrop at the expenses of who lost everything. Simple as that. You’re just one of them who is happy to have double profited. F.uck you and f.uck off monkey.

https://twitter.com/john_is_whale/status/1534315862215344128?s=21&t=3KYL3JS5h4YxtO_AswAAcg do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station