Proposal to have Do Kwon and LFG Members Forfeit everything they own but 1million each

Do Kwon and LFG team are likely to find themselves in jail and facing major legal issues. Before lawyers and courts can get their hands on the money and back up the process for years to come we propose that you forfeit everything you have now to make everyone whole including the money you are pretending you don’t have. Coordinating press releases days ago about Do Kwon only having 10m in net worth is laughable.

Do Kwon and LFG team to do the right thing because the clock is ticking anyway.

Forfeit everything you have except for 1 million each before it inevitably happens anyway and cost people more hardships.


You need CZ’s help as the funds are with Binance or were transferred there

This will help them - blockchains don’t lie!!

Hopefully CZ has locked withdrawal for those funds and had his team ask for countless identity verifications like normal users even when fully verified :wink: and are being extra slow to respond so those funds can be taken over by whatever party has the right to them in the end.

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