Protocols Part of the Luna Airdrop — A Community Listing


This is a living document for the community to collaboratively list all the on/off-chain protocols and exchanges that need be part of the forthcoming Luna airdrop

The Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [UPDATED AND FINAL] is going through.

We would like to proactively list all the protocols that need to be part of the airdrop (aka. to be added to what Do kwon referred to as indexer).

A huge number of users were engaging with Terra Luna and UST in a variety of protocols and exchanges on/off-chain.

It is not fair to discriminate users depending on the protocols they were using because they all lost their life savings.

Listing the protocols before the airdrop is extremely useful to the Terra Luna and UST holders, both pre/post-attack because of three main reasons:

  • A huge number of users are asking questions about a number of protocols whether they will be part of the airdrop. Listing the protocols will be illuminating to the community.
  • Listing the protocols allows the holders to have a clear idea of their stakes of the forthcoming Luna distribution.
  • Currently, the so called indexer is a black-box. Explicitly listing all the protocols will signal the users to provide their views before the airdrop, which is more transparent.

Please comment on the topic. Name the protocols / exchanges (on-off-chain) that need to be part of the airdrop. Try to describe briefly how the airdrop could be implemented for a particular protocol or exchange.

I will consolidate the propositions as you comment on the topic.
This an initial list of the protocols grouped by chains (&: tokens) and exchanges.
The list will change…

  • Terra: Luna, bLuna, UST, aUST
    – Anchor
    – Pylon
    – Mirro
    – …
  • Etherum
    – Abracadabra
    – …
    – …
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • FTX


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me too , i want know how airdrop … price 10$ 3$ and with price 0,0001$ ! Is it possible to airdrop based on oders history?

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binance smart chain - Terra
contract LUNA-UST: 0x3d4350cD54aeF9f9b2C29435e0fa809957B3F30a
contract LUNA-BSC-USD: 0x156ab3346823B651294766e23e6Cf87254d68962

I hope TerraSwap is part… I was farming there throughout the whole crash… In LUNAUST farm…