Terra 2.0 is LIVE — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic & Details inside

How to change networks:
How to view your vesting:

https://finder.terra.money can be used to check wallet balances.

https://station.terra.money - LIVE
Browser add-on - LIVE
Terra Station Desktop - LIVE

If you need to add the new chain somewhere manually, please use the following:
Enter name = Terra 2.0
Enter Chain ID = phoenix-1
Enter LCD = https://lcd.terra.dev

Each exchange will list, distribute airdrop and start trading at their own pace. We do not know when any exchange will do any of these things - you will have to follow their announcements.


Why is desktop and phone separate from the api? well not seperate but the modules or whatever you kids call factory classes separate, everything should work with a base and be read from base in as little movements as possible with base classes wtf. Seriously every factory class should have abstract classes that put out data to factory classes wtf, sry old man shaking fist in black socks and sandals lol


Blessings to all

when can we trade onchain?

I’m keen to sell you mine if you wish

and how can I now remove my ust from the anchor if the wallet has become terra 2


where have my Luna (now Luna Classic) tokens have gone?
On Terra Station I can only find the (new) Luna 2.0 coins from the airdrop.
In other words I can only access Terra 2.0 blockchain.
How can I access Terra Classic blockchain and check my Luna Classic tokens?
Anyone has any idea?



My aUst were sitting in multiple Kujira bid queues on May 7th, however I did not receive any Luna airdrops. Is this expected?

Thanks in advance.

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I only can see my LUNA in the classic net. In the mainnet, my account haven’t receive any LUNA yet. How’s the airdrop going? Why didn’t I get it?



After the launch Anchor protocol is no longer working. Too much errors in the console, and shows white page.
Will it be fixed ?


If your tokens are in your Terra station wallet, then go to settings, select network and choose Classic. You will see your old Luna(Lunc).

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I bought LUNA on pancakeswap (Binance Blockchain).

To recover my new coins with the airdrop, do I have to transfer the LUNA Classic to the native TERRA wallet?

Hmmm…where do I find the settings? :woman_facepalming: - ah - found it!!!

I had over 2400 StLuna and Luna on astroport LPs pre-depeg, 700K Luna and 12K UST on the post depeg snapshot.

i have 140 LunaV2 and 270 Luna V2 staked, which is 400 luna allocated. Is this even remotely correct?

Is there any further airdrop to be released by the DEXs?

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Is this correct?
On pre-depeg aust ratio, “500K whale cap - covers up to 99.7% of all holders but only 26.72% of aUST” in proposal, so 26.72% of at most $15B in anchor is ~$4B aust, divided by $1.25 aust = 3.2B aust. With 10% luna2 allcoation => 100M luna2 / 3.2B aust = 0.03125, not 0.01827712143?
This calculation is referred from what you have uploaded.

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Any idea about binance holders ?


Probably will go live in a few hours

Can somebody explain how the calculation is happening and when can I access my coins. My coins where there in kucoin. I wanna know when will kucoin send my coins to wallet. Also I wanna know there are few other coins showing like aust, whale, eth, etc in my wallet address.

I have not recvd my Airdrop My Old Luna are in Trust Wallet. Can You please guide me what to do