Important Question

If the depeg occurred at block 7544910 and Terra was aware of it then why $LUNA minting was not immediately halted? Why they had to wait for the $LUNA price to hit ZERO before minting was stopped?

I was thinking about it and could not find any rational explanation behind this action, other than a deliberate act.

This is the reason

They initially thought minting and burning reserves would work, and to be honest it was working, it went from 30 cents to 80 cents that night and Luna supply wasn’t in the trillions yet. Looked like they had it under control. Not sure why it went down rapidly again. That’s where it became unsavable and where they should have stopped in my opinion. Luna price was $1

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At least they should take a second snapshot at the last halt.

People who bought during 8 to 12 may getting literally nothing.

Because they gonna get according to current supply of 6.5T tokens!

But the price was at 40$ and supply was at 450M.

I even myself bought at 1.77$ and the supply was at 5B max!

Everyone before the attack at least getting back 35%.

But what will happen to people like me who could not buy more during the attack and do kwon tweeted there was recovery plan.

IF they count us 6.5T supply then we probably get 2 or 3 luna which won’t worth much!

IF they want to make fair they should put people in three category.

1-People who bought before the attack
2-people who bought during the attack (8 to 12 may when supply was not as crazy as now and price was high)
3-people who are buying now (after halt resuming)

Either they should distribute people according to the supply at they bought at or they do three snapshots.

1-Before the attack on 7TH May!
2-before the last halt.
3-on 27 th may like the proposed.

Please do consider it, in that case everyone is equal.

Could not ? Or did not want because he did not believe?
I personally averaged and bought to the last. Selling other good assets at a loss. I stopped only when I stepped over 10% of the deposit. Because with losing sales it was already probably 20%, which is crazy.
If everyone did this, and did not sell, then the ship would not have sunk.
But the psychology of the crowd is flawed.

They basically have no plans besides relaunching of Luna to attract more customers. People are still buying this luna and they will get no share from it possibly

I prayed a lot that the developers listen to the community but it seems like money is their first priority so I lost my £17,000 as I have no say in the company