Quit whining and BUY/BURN

There is no way to make everyone happy in this situation.

The ONLY way is to tell all holders to avg down now, buy and burn till it gets up to 50 cent or $1 and stabilize the negativity.

If you are pissed and own at $50 let’s say, buy some now and get your avg in the pennies and make a bunch with recovery and continue working the project.

It’s the ONLY way to save Terra and make money!


This hard fork look more centralized than anything and its disappointing, honestly


We all get FORKED if they fork! Then there will be anger and lawsuits for years. I personally will abandon our project we’ve been working on and go to SOL.

But it’s even bigger than that. The entire crypto space will be damaged if this happens.

Do needs to get in the trenches with us and buy next to us. Or else it feels like the big guys screw the little guys again!!! My Opinion


I’m new, and I don’t understand how forking will solve the issue. Won’t it just become replay of the whole de-peg event once more? Not at the same rate but not so different, eventually. Unless they implement some new measures with it.

How could I buy now when I am in big debt already? Not everyone is as rich as you. Most of us already managed to average down 0.54 $… Not everyone can afford everything.
Now I don’t even own a single dollar to invest. Its easy for you to say just buy just because if you have the ability to do so

It won’t. Exchanges are not going to list the forked coin and the Do Kwon and the rest of his team will likely be in jail if they go forward with that fork. Hopefully, some of their lawyers on retainer talked some sense into them

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True if they where not lawyers , it could far worst with the mad men in charges.

I hope all the people who have lost their money around this period get their money back. Either the community or the people work who are capable and can manage to work towards it should work towards getting money back for people who have lost and for the system to survive itself.

I do understand and I have been there, but you would agree that if it was sitting at $.25-30 you would feel a TON better right? Break even would be closer and you could see some light at the end of the tunnel. Especially for people like you the leadership needs to step up and loudly declare their intentions!


I would even get a little hope if it was around 0.01?!


Can’t even imagine the lawsuits if forked. I like the burn idea. I think maybe the community can help the loyal lunatics. I lost on the way down and gained after. If value goes up I would even contribute to a community pool for relief help.

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After all I got into crypto to give back to my family, local community and whoever I can help.