Recover wallet

I need help recover my lunc in terra station, i wanted to move them to another wallet and had girgotten my password. This should not be a problem because i have recovering phrase. I deleted the wallet and recovered it with phrase, but my coins are not there. What can i do ?

Check your settings are on classic under network

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Use the phrase on the safe pal wallet, find the luna classic network in the search, enjoy your property

No puedo vaciar o no se vaciar el saldo de una billetera multisig porque no guarde ni copié los TX y a una de las billeteras vinculadas a la multisig no puedo enviar. Creo que el error lo cometí al crear varias.e gustaría recuperar las lunas de esas billeteras. Se puede

Thank you man, i got my coins. Thank you very much :smiley::+1:

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