Scammers Alert under Governance / Deposit

How can they allow scammers to keep on posting fake “Terra v2.0 swapping is now live!” announcements under Governance / Deposit? Once you click on one of these links, a popup window will ask you to insert your seed phrase and then all of your coins will be drained and sent to the thief’s wallet such as this one, terra1a2t22y8hxqqvksxvtam9ymukgze0e3hhuunly5. There are currently 3,616.117246 stolen new Luna coins sitting in this account. The people higher up in the command chain need to do something about it!!! Freeze these accounts and return the coins back to their rightful owners!!!


There’s no such thing as freezing accounts or reverting transactions in DeFi.

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I am one of the people who have sent Luna to this account. How do I get my coins back?

You cant. Next time use your brain


Governance is a free place where everyone can propose something.
Therefore, do not believe everything your read, especially in the DEPOSIT tab.

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