Small moify on do kwon proposal to be great

we saw do kwon proposal that published 1 hour ago. i agree with that and i think thats the only way but i want to propose a new date for snapshot for many reasons

with my proposal majority of holders that lose their money will be happy.

on do kwon proposal snapshot will be taken on 7 may before attack. this action have many problem:

  1. those who sells their luna after that time and didn’t loss much money will be counted and those who lost 100% of balances not.
  2. total supply of luna was abot 600 m on 7 may and on 11 may 23:59 utc it’s reaches to near 2 billion… that means it was grow onle 3x and recovery was possible and everybody buys before 12 may want really support ecosystem and older holders that didn’s sell their balances also counted

Snap shot before 11th 12 TH before the last halt should be reasonable!

People who buy UST @ 1 will have 10x less than people who buy UST @ 0.1
No respect to hodler who trust his word and community at all.

I disagree with the fork, but this is a huge step in the right direction. I would be on board with this.