Snapshot based airdrops should not favour whales

I see more and more relaunch ideas
one things guys you should remember
the whales were the ones who shorted and then abandoned luna all the way down
and the community, the retail, was buying with price drop
its easy to judge them as greedy
but the real greedy was these who sold early or was even shorting
the retail was buying as long as luna was on exchanges.
so if there is snapshot airdrop, its likely whales will have their old balance saved
and retail who spent money will have nothing


Make a IDO to offer 1 LunaV2 for 1 $


Wallet Amount * LunaPrice by the snapshot = Total Amount

Total Amount / IDO Price : Amount LunaV2 with Lockups

Wallet Amount * PEG by the snapshot = Total Amount

Total Amount / IDO Price : Amount LunaV2 with Lockups

If you hold 1000 Luna on May 10, the Price was about 72USD/Luna:
1000 * 72: 72000USD

72000/IDO : 72000 LunaV2 with Lockups

I think like you

if it is impossible to distinguish the holders, I think it should be based on the quantity. Those with too high LUNA quantity may be speculators or attackers. On the contrary, those with low quantity should be good holders. 1~500,000 or 1~1,000,000 luna or LunaV2 above a certain number will be excluded

For example: Holders of 10,000 luna, after replacing LunaV2, get 10,000 new luna,
Those who hold more than 1 million will not get new luna in LunaV2
Or set a maximum cap for holding

When LUNA V2 comes out, the LUNA in the exchange will also be automatically replaced with LUNA V2, excluding those with a large number

UST, also according to a certain amount of replacement
Or UST doesn’t change and keeps him at $0.1
Let UST go up slowly

It’s fair to most people , and exclude speculators and attackers
Because anyone who buys LUNA under $1,
His LUNA is absolutely huge, which can exclude most people

Also, if you do not change any of the above
The only goal at present is to make UST return to 1
Or let LUNA reverse arbitrage to break the death spiral of profits
And to those who exchange LUNA for UST arbitrage, lock up their positions for a while?

What do you guys think or have a better opinion?

Also I saw someone mentioned ,

『You can easily scoop investor’s buying/selling activites from various exchanges to know at what price they bought LUNA & related coins/UST - & just only refund that amount (irrespective if they can profit or were in loss). This is not only fair, but will 100% reinstall the trust in TERRA as an organization coz no one will lose in this model - not even TFL, anyone.』

holders who bought after the attack
Just refund the amount he spent?

This also sounds ok, or let the holder
Provide transaction hash yourself? But don’t know if it’s feasible


80% of people who panic-withdraw LUNA/UST will not be compensated?

Maybe the ones with more than 1Mln LUNA, can be get the same amount of the 10,000 LUNA holder, like having a cap at 10k LUNA

PS: I’m not the multi-million LUNA holder


Terra developers said about the possible snapshot and relaunch of the project. Big personal question: I spent 50k on buying Luna at 32$. Will people like me get any airdrop? I think we all should be airdropped the amount we got before Terra printed few billions out.