Special offers for new Lunatics, from LUNC chain

Our chain needs new wallets, the current amount - 6.88T LUNC is too big just because, there are too few Lunatics. Therefore, the promotion of - this coin for NEW users, using current resources, will bring:

1.Expected lift up a value Luna Classic
2. It will increase our strength and, consequently, the possibility of exerting greater pressure on the stock exchanges.
3. He will provide us with practical and good PR.

This is a proposal for the practical use of resources, rather than burning the entire pool once. In my experience, such activities bring much better results.
The promotion for new wallets will be limited in time and only while stocks last.

I propose once in the period from November 15, 2022 to December 31, 2022, to give each new user to start - 100 LUNAC = $
0.00024588 x 100 ~ $ 0.024588.
I leave the proposals open for discussion, counting on your support and experience.

How do you differentiate between new users and new wallets - those are not necessarily the same thing? With the right bot you could create a thousand wallets with no effort and transfer everything to your main wallet once they get the airdrop.

Plus do you really think that 100/$0.025 is enough to attract someone’s attention who otherwise wouldn’t consider LUNC? I have to learn LUNC, figure out what wallet software to use, create a wallet, wait for my coins, confirm, etc., all for $0.02. Now if it were maybe 10,000 LUNC or 100,000 LUNC then people might move on the offer.

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@awhitehouse - Technically is a very simple - usually registration using an ID is enough to assign a person to the wallet. Look here - Crypto.com: The best place to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 250+ altcoins