Terra projects need to optimize their websites speed

Hi, guys! As we all know, a website it’s the face of the project. It’s the first thing a user interacts with when he finds a project.

We can all agree that the number of users is the most important metric of a crypto project or a website in general. So, one of the most important keys for a website it’s speed page.

Why website speed it’s so important nowadays? Well, we can look on google and see why. Here are some articles:

So, we can all agree that website speed optimization it’s one of the most important metrics for a website! Now let’s see how well Terra websites are doing.

Here are some reports for the terra projects.
Anchor Protocol:


GTMetricx has problems releasing the report on the Anchor website

Mirror Protocol website

Terra Money website

Orion Money

These are some of the reports. As we can see, all the websites are lacking page speed optimization, especially Anchor Protocol!

The Anchor Protocol team should fix the speed of the website on desktop and mobile. There are so many errors on the Anchor website that needs a fixed ASAP!

I think the Terra team should fix these issues as soon as possible.
A good metric should be around 95-100%!

-Hire a freelancer from Upwork who can take care of the website optimization and page speed!

Upwork link: page speed optimization - Upwork

-Hire a web optimization company to improve the speed of the terra websites.

Also, all terra website needs rebranding and redesigning.
I hope some of the terra team will take action and fix these issues.

Thank you! I encourage everyone from our community to share their ideas on how to improve the projects on Terra in any way.

I‘m sorry but I have to disagree here. While Page Speed Optimazation is a usefull way of attracting users to your website in the open market, the DeFi space and also the terra ecosystem is by no means a place for organic traffic.
Only a fraction of organic traffic will understand what Anchor is about. That‘s the job of the big news platforms and the community hubs. Also social media will educate and send you to a platform that is „easy to use“ for someone who already dove deep into crypto.

Before tackling such low priority topics I‘d say: give the devs time to be innovative instead of chasing stupid metrics to succeed the core web vitals of googles lab data

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So, how will a user come to Anchor DEFI when the website it’s the first barrier and it’s doesn’t load the page properly and it takes 5-10 seconds or more?

Nowadays, if a pages doesn’t have 1-3 seconds load page, users give up, and leave!

DEFI it’s all about users numbers, it’s the most important metric. All barriers entering the system should be addressed and make it easy for the users.

It doesn’t matter it’s organic or referral traffic, all barriers entering the terra ecosystem should disappear.

Website speed it’s a barrier to enter the terra ecosystem because it takes to long for the anchor website to display the content.

People nowadays don’t have patience for anything, they want to have everything now!

Now that I think about it more, I think DEFI hasn’t yet reach mainstream because most of the developers don’t put the user first when they innovate!

If we want mass DEFI adoption we should all learn what the big companies have done, and if you think about it, they all put “Users”as a first priority!!

Thank you for your feedback!

PS: Maybe this article will help the developers understand more :

Notes from the article:

“Perhaps the most straightforward element of UX, usability refers to how easily you and I interact with a website or product. In addition to merely being pleasing to the eye, a usable design is fast, frictionless, and error-tolerant.

In this age of instant gratification, having a fast web load speed is critical for the perpetually impatient. Web performance is user experience. According to Adobe, 39% of people will stop engaging if images won’t load or take too long to load.

It takes 0.1 seconds to form a first impression of someone but only 0.05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about a website. Stanford University credibility experts found that nearly half of all consumers base their idea of a site’s credibility on its visual design.

When we find someone attractive, we automatically attribute other positive qualities to them. Interestingly, something similar happens in UX. This is known as the aesthetic usability effect. We tend to believe that things that look better will work better, and we’re more tolerant of errors if they occur on a gorgeous screen. Think Apple. Polished aesthetics and intuitive usability are its two base ingredients for building trust.

Just as in real life, people appreciate when sites are upfront with all the information that relates to the customer experience. A good UX design should create a sense of trust and openness. An open-source architecture is one such aspect of transparency, and access to code is becoming a standard in the cryptocurrency world.“

If I send my dad to anchorprotocol.com he will not knot what to do, even if the page loads in .3s

From a dev perspective I don‘t think that the hassle with ssr, bff or other prerender techniques that increase pagespeed on a react app significantly is worth the effort.

Crypto adoption is a different topic. Binance and the other onramps are doing a good job in onboarding users. DeFi will do the same one day. But I personally think it‘s not the right time to do so. The protocols like Anchor, Orion and soon Kado and Pylon need stable frictionless and feature-rich products first before they are ready for mainstream users.

I don‘t think pagespeed isn‘t a good thing to have, but I think it‘s to early to put a focus on it.

All developers should take UX/UI courses and how to make a user engage with their protocol. They should prioritize the USER! I think all developers should have experience regarding UX/UI, User flow, or user experience.


PS: It takes few hours to solve all the issues with Anchor Page speed, so they should fix it!

Alright, I won‘t go to that level of discussion, before getting peronal you could have made a quick google search about what I do and who I am.

But I‘ll let people speak who are more experienced than I am. Have a good one, Frank!

A bigger priority is to make the websites accessible during times of high traffic and to make them decentralized on Akash.

Load times are fine for me, UI loads instantly, it just takes a bit of time for the info related to chain data to show up. One of my many hats is web developer, and I have worked a bit with displaying blockchain data on the front end. It’s not easy to make it happen fast because you can’t cache it before the user visits the site, you have to call the chain on your server, then send the chain data to the user’s front end. How long that takes can depend on how good your connection to the chain is. So you can see on Anchor, and most dapps for that matter, the UI loads first empty, and then the info will populate the UI once the request for chain data comes back.

Of course different users may have different load speeds. Not sure how they have handled hosting. If they use an CDN edge network which hosts like Vercel and Cloudflare offer, it should be pretty instant regardless of user location. If they have just a handful of regional servers, then load times might vary for users depending on location. I have no idea how they have it hosted so can’t really comment on this.

Oh and by the way, Binance gets an even worse score on https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights and they seem to be doing all right.

Actually I was very surprised by that since binance.com loads the same info for all users, they don’t need to do an individual call to the blockchain when loading the home page, so they should be caching that data and serving it instantly. I guess the bottleneck is not the blockchain data then…