Tutorial: Switch To Terra Station For "Classic" Chain (and Functionality on Classic Chain)

For those wanting to use Terra Station but have it show all the functions for the “classic” LUNA and UST chain and governance functionality.

I am putting this in as a tutorial since it was not readily apparent to me, and I thought others might find it helpful as well.

Steps To Change Chains For Terra Station Wallet (website)
For those using the desktop wallet, and still wanting to have access to the “classic” Terra Station functions, you will need to:

  • Install the web extension wallet:
    • Goto web browser’s webstore and add in Terra Station Extension; OR
    • Goto https://terra.money/ > Learn > See the Download Wallet Section
  • Open the web extension wallet in your browser
    • Add your wallet (you can still have the desktop wallet as well as the wallet connected in the extension)
  • Open the Terra Station web extension wallet > Click the Gear button > Select Classic
    • TerraStationWebExtension

    • Change back to “mainnet” for Terra 2

  • Goto https://station.terra.money/
  • Click Connect button
    • TerraStationConnectButton
  • Select the Terra Station Wallet extension

You now should have access to Terra Station using the Terra “classic” information and governance section.

A little cumbersome, but at least there is a way to do it without using API’s.

Hope that helps out :slight_smile:


Nice share!


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