Where are Luna Classic Proposals? All is gone in Terra Station

As of LUNA 2.0 run, all luna clasic proposals gone. Where is the governance for LUNA Classic?

Change the network back to Terra Classic to see stuff on Terra Classic.


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it Worked:

Switch networks

Use this guide to switch between Terra and Terra Classic mainnet and testnet networks.

Open Terra Station and connect your wallet.

Click the network icon (in the browser extension it’s a gear, in the desktop version it’s a globe) in the top right of the Station menu.

Select the network you would like to connect to.

but i dont have this in my brwoser
first i changed network in my terra app
then connet to terra station

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can we switch in website?

Where exactly, could you please link it?

Yu first have to change network to classic and then connect to the station.terra.money