Can I stake or vote if my LUNA v1 are in a non-Terra associated wallet?

@Mattyb740 asks “I’m a newer Lunc holder (June 2022) and have added over 1.5mil tokens so far. They are in a wallet not associated with terra …my question is do I have voting power and can I stake my Lunc ?”

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Hi @Mattyb740 ,

One of the moderators may have more information, but the answer is whether the wallet you are using is compatible with Terra Station.

Your wallet is a way to interact with a blockchain account. Each coin in the account is actually on-chain. The wallet allows you to see and interact with the coins within the account (account meaning the address that starts with terra1… ).

To date, without using a command line interface of terrad, I only know of either Terra Station or Rebel Station (and I think Keplr directly, as well as connected to Terra Station) that can interact with staking (and therefore voting), as well as voting on governance proposals. There are both a desktop version and a web version of the wallet (which uses a browser based extension). I will be focusing on the web based version of Terra Station. The good part is that even if what I outline below to connect your current wallet to Terra Station does not work for you, since your account and coins are actually on the block chain, you can have multiple wallets connect to them, and you can import your account into Terra Station as a second wallet (as long as you feel comfortable about the legitimacy and security of the wallets in question).

Here is a tutorial of how you can install the browser extension and connect to the Terra v1 wallet through Terra Station:

  • Tutorial: Switch To Terra Station For "Classic" Chain (and Functionality on Classic Chain).
    • For your question: you will notice for the part when you install the browser extension from the tutorial link above, and then in the browser extension click the Gear Icon > Click “classic”, and then click Add Wallet > then click on your wallet connect option.
      • For Ledger, you can see the instructions on how to connect to Terra Station from Ledger Support by clicking here
      • For Keplr, you can see the instructions on how to connect to Terra Station from Terra v2 documents (although they should still work for Terra v1) by clicking here and here
      • If Does Not Work For You: You can keep everything in your wallet of choice, and use the browser extension in the first tutorial link to “Import Wallet” by clicking “Add Wallet” > “Import Wallet” > put in the private key and password. If you do not have the private key, you can normally get it by using an “Export Wallet” or wallet backup from your wallet that you are using.
      • The web address for Terra Station is
        • You can confirm this by going to Terra’s site > Learn > under “Wallet” click “Terra Station” link (or ask a moderator - make sure to never connect your wallet to a scam site, it is always best to confirm)

If you are specifically wanting Rebel Station (Terra Rebel’s version of Terra Station - which is based on the code for Terra Station), since your question was posted in a topic dealing with Terra Rebels and indirectly with Rebel Station, then you can (the instructions will be the same as above with the exception of the below items):

  • Download the wallet extension here
  • The address of Rebel Station Wallet is:
  • You will want to verify those addresses (to make sure they are legitimate and not a scam wallet). You can do that by doing the following (you can ask a moderator if these are the correct addresses):
    • Goto Terra Rebel’s official discord:
    • Instructions to download Rebel Station browser extension and the web address to their wallet application is here:
      • Discord
        • Right click on the post’s author profile icon, and verify they are officially with Terra Rebels by looking at their roles. The post will verify the information about Rebel Station web and download addresses.

I hope that helps (and the moderators will correct or clarify anything I have written)(to see if a person is a moderator on this site, they will have a little gray and white shield next to their profile name when they post - if you mouse over it, it will tell you they are moderators)

I hope you have a great day today :slight_smile: