Terra station wallet error message

This is what I started experience after delegation was re-enabled thought it was the app so uninstalled it but now I can’t import wallet with private key which is the only thing I have to restore wallet. Can this be fixed and how

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I have the same problem. When trying to send it says"invalid hex string"I only have a private key. Thanks for any help.

I have exactly the same issue : I see my LUNA coins on my Terra station wallet, but as soon as I try to interact with my wallet, it shows this error message “invalid kex string”.

Can anyone help ?

solution that works: recover your wallet with your seed phrase.

I thought it was only I which means there’s a bug in the wallet which needs to be looked at since there are those who only have private key to recover their wallet. There should also be a means to view seed phrase along side the QR and Private key export

terra station tells to back up the seed phrase when you create your wallet. seed phrase is shown only once at the wallet creation because otherwise it would be a security concern - it will not be changed.