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I have my private key and currently reinstalled terra station but when I enter the key and password I get this error message “invalid hex string”. How can this glitch be fixed I can’t loose my cash.

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Check for spaces. If occured then should be deleted. Before PK and after PK

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there are no spaces in the PK and well this started when delegation was re-enabled. Is there a way to recover seed phrase from address and private key since they are all linked somehow. Thanks

usual way that works is recovering the wallet with seed phrase.
the error means private key is corrupted.

there is no way to recover seed phrase after it was shown to you the first time. terra station warns to back up your seed phrase when you create a wallet.

Why I asked about recovering seed phrase is reading from the page link below it seems possible but I’m not a programmer so not sure of the technicalities

The PK is not corrupted I decoded it and my address and wallet name all appear so I don’t think it’s the PK but rather a bug in station wallet

this is just a sample code of how to sign transactions from code with private key. it is impossible to derive seed phrase from private key.

not sure what you decoded there, private key exported from terra station is encrypted with terra station password, did you decrypt your private key and then decoded it? your private key is corrupted if you see “invalid hex string”. only known way to fix it is to recover wallet with seed phrase.

I used base64 decode to check if the PK is correct and it was. If it’s corrupt then it’s terra station that corrupted it. This is becoming a nightmare because the issue of invalid hex string started when I tried to delegate so I thought it was the app that had issues so I uninstalled it and now I can’t load my wallet anymore

Hello. Were you able to figure this out ? I have the same issue. I have private key and pw only but not my seed phrase to my TS wallet. Thanks

No I haven’t. Was talking about it with someone who wanted to help but all LCD have been closed so he couldn’t waiting for when new ones are opened then we try again.

Thank you. Can you please stay in touch if something changes ? I’ll do the same. I have this issue for several months already and is driving me crazy. Thanks again

Any news on this?

I recommend using SafePal as a backup wallet in case of emergency, there should be no problems, try it

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This is not that what you are thinking it is.

Keys in the Cosmos ecosystem are made up of two parts:

  1. A Public Key
  2. A Private Key

If you have exported a private key then you can re-import it into any wallet like Terra Station or Rebel Station.

If you have exported the public key that can’t be done.

What you are linking to is a way to derive the keys of an address when you are creating the account so this is for developers.

Well if you know some coding then you can do it yourself (I can guide you in that) and if you need any help with recovering the account I can help with that also. But do that if you are absolutely sure you wanna do that.

Hello to y’all group! I hope you are safe and sound out there hey!
I am experiencing a severe issue, as follows:
I have staked my LUNA tokens with a validator - using my Ledger hardware wallet - and I’d like to change it to another one, but when I try to unstake the tokens, the following window with an error pops un on my ledger live app:
"Error: cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘send’)

anyone has experienced the same issue?
any help/suggestion?

Cheers to y’all and thanks heaps to whomever will respond