Current luna

Is current luna gonna be luna classic ? What is gonna happen ? Lets say 100.000 luna i have in my wallet in binance. Is it gonna be luna classic ? And is it bond with UST like old chain ?

You will basically receive 1.44 of the new LUNA token. You will get 10% at launch (27th may) and rest 90% in 2 years.

Edit: You will receive 15% at the launch and the rest in 2 years.

Basically. The plan is to fork the Terra Blockchain and create LUNA V2. The current LUNA is rebranded LUNA CLASSIC and abandoned. It’s the abandoned part that bothers me

Honestly, in most cases if you’re a post peg buyer, it’s cheaper to cash out now and buy back later if v2 is even viable.

Nothing is abandoned. Someone prints 400 million new tokens every day. Why do they do this? And who does it?

Will luna classic and ust be connected in the same way after the fork?