Urgent 25th passphrase with terra luna - Only for Nerds!

I can’t have access to my terra account because I’ve added a 25th passphrase with my ledger . how can I access if luna only allows 24 seeds … is there a way to get my private key with my 24 + passphrase? I’ve tried the website bip39 but it didn’t work.

also this question can help for someone that it’s trying to access without ledger or thinking about what happens if terra removes ledger?

*For example etherum, bitcoin allows you to add your passphrase .

thank you

There are tools out there , but i cant recommend any as i would have to do a through code review and compile it myself in order to trust it. Google it. This problem is not specific to terra.

But honestly the whole point of owning a ledger is so that your private keys always remain secure, bad opsec to be typing your pk in on a computer or mobile device. Buy a second ledger.

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GitHub - PFC-Validator/terra-rust: Rust <-> Terrad API via LCD service can grab the passphrase.

terra-rust.exe -s “Seed Phrase” keys recover xxx
Using Gas price of 169.77ukrw
Please input the set of the recovery words, followed by the passphrase (which is passed via --seed)
Your Passphrase is Seed Phrase
These will be stored in your computer’s vault (win10)/secret service (linux)/keyring (os/x)

We take NO responsibility for the safety/security of this.
This software is ALPHA and has not undergone a security audit
For high value keys, we suggest you always use a hardware wallet, like ledger

Recovery words:

please read the disclaimer.

Now… once you do this, you should consider this seed phrase burnt for ALL things on your ledger (not just the terra stuff), and transfer funds away from it to a new ledger seed.

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yeah it’s not safe!!

I’ve tried the website bip39 but it didn’t work.

Are you talking about Ian Coleman’s website? Did you use the correct derivation pathway?

yes but you need to have a backup if ledger goes out of business .