Use TerraLunaClassic blockchaing for securing mail traffic

Hello everyone,

I and probably almost everyone find it terrible to get a lot of spam in my mailbox, there are spam filters but they don’t always work, i sometimes get emails from customers in my spam box and vice versa.

Since the blockchain technology can process secure transactions, i thought it would be great to create a secure system for e-mail traffic in daily use, why not via the Terra Luna Classic blockchain, a system that should ensure that only legitimate mails are received.

I think, for example, that an email address is linked to a kind of wallet address in order to be able to build in a check. Mail goes to a cloud for storrage that is secured by a wallet transaction, control via blockchain, after verification from cloud to recipient,

For receiving mails from legit senders, the transaction must be payed with Lunc by the sender and if it do not pass certain criteria, they loose the Lunc to the community pool or so, i dont know, i al just thinking :smile:

I would like to appeal to the people with the right knowledge for this, maybe perhaps Edward Kim @ek826 ?
Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge myself to create such a system, but I do get it as an idea and i think it doesn’t exist yet, moreover i prefer to donate that idea to the Terra Luna Classic community for the creation in the Terra Luna Classic blockchain and its reconstruction for those who have always believed and trusted in Terra Luna Classic!

Maybe this is a new technology that can then be conceived and created, i dont know but I’m sure the right people are here if it is a way that could be something for Lunc to make it great again and send out some trust in the whole world that blockchain technologie is more that what most people think it is, i believe this also could bring lots of trust again to from something what most people said it was game over as a project …

What you all think about this idea?

How to know if a sender is legitimate? You can link a fake email with a blockchain address. I don’t think anyone would pay to send an email. I would not do it.
A solution could be the use of the binance soulbound that serves to legitimize a blockchain address.

I personally prefer to have more than 1 email. I have 4 and only 1 receives spam because it ended up on the dark web and it is the one I use to register on any unimportant site. The others I only use on secure websites.

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This is a good point, thats where the smart people could think about :grin:, i was just given the idea that this could be some kind off opportunity.

I was thinking when sending there would be taken a fee but could returns when its a legit received by the receiver with some kind of authenticator system build in the mail protocol.

The sender adres is most [email protected] or something that looks like …., while mails are written to look masked like a legit company.

So all sender adresses should be in line with the content i guess.

Spammer and scammers sometimes also use peoples e-mail adres to send mails and when people would reply its gooing to there own.

I just think something like this but again, i am not a programmer, i just tought this is something good to support thz growth of Lunc :grin:

Instead of using an email address you can use a domain name service. Like johnsnow.lunc, barbie.ust or kraken.terra.

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There is some valid points. Ok let’s clarify the problem you are solving: spam messages right? Most people doesn’t bother about it since there is spam folder option or unsubscribe option as well. But your idea slightly be changed into solving privacy and security issues. Decentralized emailing system where transactions occur with small payments in order to maintain the system. This will ensure the data is not visible to any third party or central data base. There are already some projects working on same problem, dmail, ledgermail, etc. From technical point I guess it is possible to develop similar dapp on terra blockchain.

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