aUST depositors May 8-9 airdrop

Somehow, those who purchased UST and deposited it on Anchor after May 7 but before UST depeged on late May 9, are completely left out from the new Luna airdrop.

I’ve deposited a pretty large amount, all purchased on an exchange for cash, on May 9, before major depeg. There were some signs of UST being weak, so I decided to support it, same way as LFG did later.

What did I get in return? Those who bought UST for pennies before airdrop got new Luna, and I got NOTHING for that aUST … Can smbd from Terra explain??


Anybody / anything? Same btw applied to those who bought Luna May 8-9-10-11-12.

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There’s alot people who faced same problem,8-12may luna buyer not well compensated!


What does the Terra team plan to do about it? Any insight?

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I’ve tried spamming on twitter,but still no response sigh

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Are they here somewhere?

They wont hear us,try to make a group of people involved,and maybe we got a chance to deserve what we should get!

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Got this via Direct Message. Scam? Admins pls look.

Thanks for reporting, we banned the user.

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Any update?

Will you pls refer the Q above to Do?