Vote of “No Confidence” for the Current L1 Team - “Why Even Bother Censoring This Still? The Prop Isn't Even Gonna Pass” Edition

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We are currently decoupled from blue chip. We have no announcement for parity.

Frag to his own admission is having his paycheck mishandled due to Ed Kim attempting to faux pas tgf as a non profit.
Without parity the coin will shoot down 10 percent instantly.
We have a skilled dev team willing to work through the issues with current devs and have them paid fairly as is their right.


Many people are sitting on the fence because parity is promised this month.

Would it not be better to use it as a final straw/ benchmark before another proposal of no confidence is issued?

It’ll be a win- win situation. If parity is delivered by the end of the month as promised, then there’s no reason to disrupt anything further until Q3 for a fresh competition. If it is not delivered as promised, then more people will be convinced to support this proposal.

Parity has never been promised this month. There is 0 eta tgf has delayed everything so far.

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Hahahhahhaha what is this? :sunglasses:

So TGF controls L1JTF? Lol. Man oh man, they will take the chain down with them.

I know exactly what plan they are coming up with.

And Redline is also involved in this. He passed his free prop for this.

Cause he’s gonna come back and say TGF did this work.

There is an underlying plan of centralization that is brewing in LUNC.

TGF is the Manager of Terra Luna Classic now :rofl:


LBA will not confirm that parity will be delivered this month. He previously had said parity would be delivered mid may.

Following FYI.

Item 3 states parity is expected 31MAY23. Document was released yesterday.

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Apart from the previous link, LBA stated here in his medium.

Emphasis added to Bilbo’s team, I think it’s fair to wait till the end of the month before any further proposals are made.

That’s a sensible and a fair move forward. Let’s give them a chance atleast - noting they have just said that parity is expected at the end of this month.

Instead of wasting time with this, why don’t you dedicate it to building something that is useful for the community? If you are a developer you can do it.

You do realize even if parity is delivered, it doesn’t change the fact our L1 team tried to sneak in blacklisting code in LUNC just to help bail out Terraport, correct? Parity in this instance is a non-sequitur. Then there’s all the other nonsense like Steve’s recent “we’re doxxed to ourselves at the TGF!”, despite him running a campaign based primarily on 100% full transparency and dev doxxing. Also all the other screwups and inconsistencies listed in the OP that everyone’s now ignoring just because parity has been announce for the end of May.

But I digress; not like any of this has an impact, the validators swim alongside the L1JTF/TGF regardless of what’s done to the chain.


you see the issue is that developpers are being forced into ed kims tgf tax scheme even frag

cant receive his paycheck currently because ed is holding it up.


This is some chat :joy:

I have absolutely no idea what LBA is telling Frag right now. I am 100% sure something went down and we don’t know about it.

Also, as far as I think I saw some 3-4 unknown people/names today who are working on the L1 Team.

I believe one is Vincent. I don’t know about the rest, but it seems like they are there.

I mean… everything looks shady AF even if it isn’t.


An absolutely devastating leak about the L1 grifting force. How will they cope now?


Miss you Ranbi, where have you been?!? Trying to get your arse unbanned from Twitter?!?

Living rent-free in your head.


I’m not banned. But even if I were I’d just make a new account, big whoop.

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Maybe you just need to accept you lost and give up, constantly spamming shite proposals and trying to force your agenda isn’t working, the community is happy with the team we have, accept it and move on, getting boring hearing you and your cronnies constantly trying to cause drama and spread malicious lies.

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Are you specifically referring to the l1 grifting force? Their work and proposals are trash, they don’t generate excitement or hype, and the price reflects that lmao keep coping


Tired of seeing the currency lose value. What is this?


welp this is what happens when you let a grifter grift. the thing that initally killed us was validators complying in whatever whims that akujiro tobias and ed kim had