Vote of "No Confidence" for the Current L1 Team

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This is a proposal we had hoped to never have to write. This is a proposal to remove the current L1 team from their positions, via a “No Confidence” vote. Given the recent addition of an unsanctioned backdoor code into LUNC’s GitHub repo that enables centralized censoring of transactions, it has become obvious the L1 team (and its handlers) are brazenly ignoring governance. They disobey the chain’s protocols, act of their own accord behind closed doors, blatantly ignore the spirit of crypto, violate defi ethos, and do all of it while working behind the scenes on initiatives and projects which were neither sanctioned nor requested by the wider LUNC community that pays their salaries! To put it bluntly, they’ve committed far too many strikes in less than the week they’ve been on their Q2 job, culminating in an egregrious violation of trust by attempting to slide in wallet and transaction blacklisting functionality controlled by a single multisig.

There are many reasons that’ve led to this proposal, but the main one is as mentioned above: the L1 team’s addition of code that introduces blacklisting functionality which would fully centralize power on the chain and place it firmly in the hands of whoever holds the keys! To make this even worse, said functionality is intended to be controlled by a single multisig. This violates all tenets of crypto, and is an open slap in the face to the LUNC community who rely and depend on the L1 team to properly do the work they’ve been paid for! The L1’s purpose is to code what’s outlined within the Q1 + Q2 roadmaps, not go chasing after side projects like helping Rexyz and his Terraport - a private dApp whose loss of trust, liquidity, and assets has no bearing on the wider LUNC ecosystem, nor the majority of LUNC holders!

Vinh proposing the feature two weeks ago before Frag and Vinh implemented it this week (Comparing main...v1.1.0-freeze-addr · classic-terra/core · GitHub):

Intended design of wallet and transaction based censorship and blacklisting that’s controlled via a multi-sig:

We empathize with the victims of the Terraport situation and wish for them to be made whole in some manner, but attempting to slide in backdoor censorship code into LUNC is not the way to help them! LUNC is a decentralized asset currently worth over $650,000,000 which completely dwarfs anything achieved by Terraport, and endangering the whole blockchain in some misguided attempt to “help” a small dApp is simply unnacceptable! Rexyz himself should’ve handled the situation on his own, without making backroom deals with the L1 team and using them to skip over governance. The L1 team violated the trust put in them by the wider LUNC community when they took on this effort, despite no such proposal having passed govenance! Furthermore, if this code goes live, it will completely dismantle any possible recovery for LUNC itself! No developers will want to build on a blockchain that violates immutability through blacklisting! Nor will holders wish to invest their hard-earned money! Even attempting to introduce such crude control measures is a gross betrayal of trust, let alone attempting to slide it in behind the scenes before a software upgrade proposal could make its way through governance! Validators have already stated that they will shut down their nodes and go to other chains if this code were to be implemented!

These illegal code changes have already been pushed into the main repo, and can be viewed here: Comparing main...v1.1.0-freeze-addr · classic-terra/core · GitHub

Additional Issues
While the blacklisting functionality and flaunting of governance was the major impetus for this proposal, there are also a host of smaller (yet no less pressing!) problems with the current L1 team’s behaviour. They’re deeply behind schedule, and are thus refusing to migrate smart contracts with the care and attention needed for such delicate work, which has a risk of causing grievous harm to the chain itself once the wasm “upgrade” is deployed (parity is being rushed, and the consequences of such irresponsible mishandling of it will only harm LUNC). There is also a high chance the assets stuck in those smart contracts will become irrecoverable, which means people’s hard-earned money is at risk of being practically be stolen from them just because the L1 team failed to do their due diligence, and perform the function of their office as befits their position.

Here are some of the other issues with the current L1 team:

  • the team hasn’t delivered on Q1 items despite claims from the team that they have (only ~65% delivered)
  • the team has doubled billed the community in Q2 for work in that was completed in Q1 and is already in the codebase
  • the team is grossly behind schedule on Q2 items (mainly parity)
  • the team’s “leadership” and “administrators” receive opaque salaries
  • the LUNC community still has no idea who their “trainee” developers are
  • the LUNC community still has no idea what devs are being interviewed for senior roles
  • the team hasn’t swapped their Q2 payout from LUNC to a stablecoin (they’re ~10% underfunded now as a result of the drop in price of LUNC)
  • it’s almost 1 month into Q2, and there still remain vacant dev spots on the team (only 2/2 juniors)
  • the team lacks a software architect, a lead developer, and all senior positions are still empty
  • Superman (InonMan) is still MIA, and will at best return May 1st (his salary was billed in full)
  • Zaradar is still “contributing” behind the scenes and is being snuck back onto the L1

All of the above items are serious issues, but the drastic overstep by the L1 team that led to the creation of this “No Confidence” vote and by far the most serious issue of all is the L1 team’s creation of the centralized blacklisting functionality without any prior consultation with the community and attempted efforts to force this change through via validators without even running a software upgrade proposal. It’s by far the most egregious violation of community trust and funding we’ve seen on this chain yet, and serious violations require serious consequences so that a firm precedent is set, so that other actors in this community can clearly see that we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in any form!

With all that in mind, we propose the current L1 team step down from their positions. If this proposal passes, they will be divested of their L1 assignment(s), and must return all money received for Q2 back to the community pool! This includes Frag, Vinh, Steve, anyone else on the L1 (trainees, juniors, any “hidden” developers), etc. They are then free to do as they please and participate in future governance (or LUNC projects) as they wish – this proposal is not aiming to ban anyone! – but the current configuration of the L1 team cannot stay as is, and must be dismantled for the violation(s) of trust they’ve committed! They’ve betrayed the community, and must make amends by stepping down and returning the money entrusted to them as a result of their violation of that trust.

Vote YES if you agree with this proposal.
Vote NO if you disagree with this proposal.
Vote ABSTAIN if you have no strong feelings either way.
Vote NOTE WITH VETO if you’re vehemently against this proposal.

Signed by: Bilbo Baggins & Solid Snake
Co-Signed: Rabbi Jebediah


I agree with this proposal. Trying to “backdoor” blacklists of wallets is a serious fiduciary breach where the programmers and their manager @LuncBurnArmy are not only not working in the best interest of a decentralized blockchain, but actively harm it by trying to make it into some centralized trad-fi parody.
I will be voting yes!


Yes immediately. It’s unacceptable what happened.


It is a shame that we are to this point. I support this proposal. Anyone that disregards the fundamentals of defi and the complete disregard for our governance should NOT be working on this chain.

I have lost all confidence in the teams behind the blacklisting prop. The gross misconduct shows lack of respect for the investors of this chain and its well being. I had respect for Frag and Vihn prior to finding out about the blacklisting prop.

I’d ask for their immediate resignation


Wow, the L1 “Task Force” just keeps on giving.
Why did we hire them in the first place? We’ve got two part-time junior devs who aren’t even capable to focus on the tasks given and manages to find themselves doing completely unrelated work that is infact causing our chain very real damage.
I say no to any form of forced centralization, enough is enough and it’s time for these guys to go.
I vote yes and welcome any new team that’s capable to do the work THE COMMUNITY IS ASKING FOR.


The fact that the L1 team is still dragging items from Q1 and billed us for them again in Q2 is absurd but they have all the time to code blacklisting without it first being brought to the community.
The fact that the L1 team did this without at all first coming to the community but the blacklisting is already in the codebase WITHOUT governance should be grounds for resignation.

I will fully support this proposal especially after seeing the nonchalant attitude which Frag had at the lunc academy discord tonight.
For such a heavy topic that is blacklisting in any community i cannot in full conscience support any developer that is working on the chain and seems to have no issue with blacklisting without it first brought up in governance!

The L1 team since its founding has been constantly trying to tamper with our governance with it’s m2m concepts which no one asked for to the merging nonsense with luna and of course like Palpatine the talk about founding a senate to yet again centralize the chain.

With all this I would like the L1 team to resign so I will be voting YES on this proposal.


Backdooring code to try and partially rectify an L2 screw up by going against censorship resistance and the principle of DeFi (while also subverting governance for like 50th time) is the dumbest sh** I’ve ever heard.

If I had any stake left I’d vote this in a heart beat, sanest sh** to come out of Terra Classic since at least November last year.

@Bilbo and Co need to take over L1 development ASAP if TC is to have any hope of recovering. Literally on a timelimit with the OP distro curve. 12m of reasonable distributions left I think before validators will majorly struggle to break even, even if you factor 5% commission.

Seriously cannot believe how much of a waste the last year has been.


So depressing and distressing to see. The project overruns I understand (much less so the double billing) but any attempt to lock wallets unilaterally is ridiculous! What’s the point of escaping regular financial systems if we’re still at the mercy of people who can lock us out of our money on a whim?

This prop will show where validators loyalties truly lie. Either they recognise this as a legitimate threat to the community, or they sit back and let it all fall apart.


I feel sick to my stomach reading this. I had hoped the L1 team could at least accomplish some of their stated goals without causing a catastrophe. It seems I was terribly wrong.

Pushing a blacklisting function without proper governance is the peak of insanity. In one move they’ve managed to violate one of crypto’s most grievous cardinal sins and have completely ignored the governance systems this chain was built on.

I don’t know how anyone can possibly defend this. I genuinely have no hope for LUNC if the L1 team manages to get away with one of the worst possible things you could do in all of crypto.


I’m pretty sure the prop is some kind of alt right troll prop the number on it is literally 1488 (nazi number)


I am so appalled that I do not have much words.

  1. Team is in shambles
  2. Billing do not add up
  3. Backdoor blacklisting function
  4. Incomplete work from Q1.

The list can go on and on. Just terrible. I will be supporting this prop for the good of the chain.


Totally YES
I would add that everything leads to believe that LBA manipulated the vote by spreading false informations.
For example the rumor about about Superman coming back.
Even when he sent back money to the community pool, he did it while his proposal was not passing.
He is not trustable.


That was Ed Kims tweet. Not a rumour. Rumour is that you heard it, but didn’t check the source.


Check for yourself :

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For me, the most serious thing (aside from rampant incompetence) is the fact of implementing code without community review and consent. LUNC IS NOT your personal ATM, grifters.



Will vote yes unless code is removed quickly and efficiently over next few days

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: So your proposal fails and now you try a vote of no confidence, you guys really are sore losers… pathetic


I don’t quite understand why we are now being made up again to get rid of the current development team. There was a vote by the community that Q2 may be developed further, this was very clear. It’s annoying to see you guys now making this up again. Try to make something positive or help but not come up with this nonsense again.


ahahahaha and then we can really say goodbye to Terra Classic

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It just seems like every “team” is trying to drain the community dry in one way or another. You get voted in, then drop some code that messes sh!t up. You don’t get voted in, you cry foul and fud until you are the one to get paid.
LUNC isn’t going to go anywhere if it seems like children are running it, or trying to run, the ship. IF the L1 team has done what is described, I’m very disappointed and perhaps they do need to be removed. But who is actually trustworthy? How do we know the next team going in will do any better? These 3mo stints don’t make for much loyalty from a team IMO. There’s always going to be someone from another team to point fingers and complain which drives more nails into the LUNC coffin :frowning: