Wasmvm v0.16.6 => v1.2.0


This proposal seeks approval for the upgrade of wasmd to version v0.31 in order to deploy the latests wasmvm v1.2.0 to mainnet so we can push our network closer to parity with other Cosmos chains, while also offering L2 developers access to any new features that have been added to the “smart contract execution layer” over the last couple of years.

We expect this upgrade to have a high impact on the L2 dapp developers and users, which make up roughly 6 - 8% of the total network. This has prompted us to partition the workload into its own release (v2.0.5) to avoid dealing with too many breaking changes when the v2.0.4 release is published, which primarily focuses on updating other core dependencies such as Tendermint, Cosmos-SDK and TM-DB.


The proposal consists of a two amendments which seeks approval to update our wasmd dependency to v0.31 and another which seeks a mandate to push L2 developers to begin the process of migrating their smart contracts to wasmvm v1.2.0.

Amendment 1/2

Update wasmd to v0.31 & wasmvm to v1.2.0.

Amendment 2/2

Approve the mandatory migration of smart contracts from wasmvm v0.16.6 to wasmvm v1.2.0. Contracts that do not migrate will stop functioning as we do not have the funding (or desire) to support a “dual VM setup”, unless absolutely necessary.

Acceptance Criteria

2.0.5 is deployed with the new wasmd v0.31 dependency and all active smart contracts are migrated to wasmvm v1.2.0.


Depending on the success of terrad v1.0.6 and v2.0.4 respectively this milestone is subject to change and given the nature of the wasmvm upgrade we do not feel this is something that can or should be rushed. However as such it can not be understated how important this milestone is for the future of our network, as the release of v2.0.5 into mainnet will mark the conclusion of our upgrade efforts and begin our pivot towards focusing on building new features.

Consequence of a YES vote

If the vote is YES we will be able to upgrade wasmd to v0.31 and begin the process of migrating smart contracts to wasmvm v1.2.0.

Consequence of a NO vote

If the vote is NO we will be unable to upgrade wasmd to v0.31 and thus cannot migrate smart contracts to wasmvm v1.2.0. It worth noting that the v2.0.4 release will not suffer any significant consequences from this outcome.


Are there any downsides here? :thinking:

Or put another way, is there any reason not to do this? :man_shrugging:

Shalom! :pray:


i will vote YES if this prop show up on station.
good upgrade, keep good work :muscle:

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For future reference: I feel the title does not convey the work at hand since the actionable task is to upgrade wasmd to v0.31 while the first is referring only to the wasmvm contracts move; even that is not clear enough. Something closer to the “Consequence of a YES vote” wording would tell the whole story at a glance.

Are there COMs in place as part of this rollout to directly inform en-mass third-party dapp developers of the change and (possibly) change requirements?

Overall I agree with this release but there’s still a sticky point on v1.0.6 that needs answering

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Is there an estimated date for deployment? Still in Q1?

Yes, this is an ahead of time approval but necessary.

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We should make a proposal that includes all the necessary updates that allow us to get closer to the cosmos mainnet and give the LUNC Blockchain a better utility. Allowing for integration and compatibility with cosmos network applications and making LUNC movable and usable outside of the network

when will be this proposal submitted to voting???

A bit of clarification on this part. I was under the impression that we will reach parity at V 2.0.4. If this update pushes us closer to parity and is coming with v 2.0.5 ,does that mean that V 2.0.4 is not a parity update then? Or does V 2.0.4 only mean parity with LUNA V2?

Did not write that smart contracts will stop working. So, I campaign to vote NO

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Yeah, looking back at this now it’s obvious they lied about it. It’s funny how much of TGF’s bullshit has come to light over the past couple months. But validators will push this through nonetheless, regardless of how much damage it does to the chain. LUNC is TGF property now - the rest of us can do fuckall about it.


We cannot stay behind because some do not want to continue walking with us.
If they want to follow the path then they can start writing whatever code it takes to achieve that purpose.
Instead of spending saliva complaining because they are falling behind for not walking

There should be a sunsetting/migration period offered to the devs whose contracts are about to get wiped. And the L1JTF should’ve collated a comprehensive list of all projects impacted by the upgrade, so they could contact their devs and offer help - yet this hasn’t been done because the L1JTF is lazy and Steve wants to make parity by end of May so he can catch up on all the missed work from Q1.

Stop excusing their bullshit and ineptitude already.


In a normal blockchain, it could be done but we don’t have the time to wait for anyone, we must go as quickly as possible
And I really don’t think there’s any project worth spending my money on. I don’t see any utility that needs to be waited
If you told me that we should wait for Anchor then I would gladly drink my tea and wait.

Why? It’s not like speed is helping the price at all. LUNC just keeps bleeding.

You don’t think preserving 6-8% of the network is worth a bit of extra time?


It is not about raising the price, it is about improving the blockchain and that there is a flow of data between the rest of the ecosystem and this one. Also doing this allows other dapps outside the ecosystem (which are already adapted to the latest versions of the sdk) to work on this blockchain without any difficulty. In addition, I would also like to eliminate the old astropor classic and use only one for everyone.

If you want to speed up, go invest to the PEPE


Pepe shit_coin :joy: where the one with the most money takes the money of the one with the least

After making money on Pepe, people will look for stable companies/communities to invest in.

During that point of time, we should be in a place that investors choose to invest in us, rather than some meme coin.

Investors move their money every 30-90 days. So that’s our dea(dline, if you will.

Yes, stable and massively non-working smart contracts, this is a good investment target :slightly_smiling_face: