What to do?

I have some thoughts that could hopefully be put into a more thought out proposal.

  1. I think Luna is in a very tough spot with being such a large and successful crypto. That being said Luna needs to survive and thrive again to show the world what a great global community can do.

  2. The community. Protect the community by being fair regardless of when the coins were purchased. Yes, someone like that youtube guy had 2.8 million dollars worth of luna tokens and now has a fraction of that. Then there guys who saw luna hit 10 dollars and saw the rest of the market bleeding and thought this was the perfect time to invest just to watch his 20k LIFE savings go down the drain… or 5k life savings… all I am saying is people strutggle differently, and cheap opportunities like how luna was coming down dont happen very often… instead of punishing people who bought in cheap who maybe couldnt afford to get in earlier? Would a snapshot really work? What happens to the two big sellers who caused this reaction to happen?? Do they keep their profits + receive new coins which is undoubtedly worth a lot??? I just want everyone to think about all this before just yelling us pre depeg need to be taken care of first! Does that include the bad actors involved?

  3. Maybe something like this would work…

Use that 1.5billion or however much the chain can muster together to give back to all the holders at a capped amount… So lets say something like… 50,000 cap?? So then that equals 5.9 mil worth ATH… Now if someone owns 1 mil the most they can receive is 50,000 new coins… okay so now we know that the most people can receive is 50,000… Now reduce the number of tokens so that 50,000 is worth something idk, 750 million supply?? I’m not saying that is has to be worth 6 million dollars but if the person who lost 6 million can recover 1 million, thats is better than nothing… and for the people who bought that for 20 bucks well you better fall in love with this community and help it grow as much as you can!!! That way everyone can receive some compensation from such a bloody crash, and it restores/gains more community…

  1. Whatever happens security needs to be fixed, one or two large institutional entities cannot bring down such a great strong community.

  2. LAST AND BUT NOT LEAST, Don’t hate people, this is the time to come together and show the world what a community can do! TIME to show the world that a financial system for the people ran by the people can flourish even under brink of collapse, that we can come back stronger and better than ever! That we are the pioneers in this new age!