Where now?

I guess this following relates to pre-attack and post attack holders of what is now Luna classic.

Firstly, those that held Luna before May of this year what is your trading strategy going forward? I’m guessing most of you are holding a coin that you paid excess of $10 for and is now worth a fraction of that cost. Are you buying again at these current levels in hope that the volume and a small increase in the current cost will help offset some of your losses, or are you just holding onto what you’ve got and hoping that interest will pick up again in a coin and boost the price enough to try and break even?

Secondly, for those that purchased Luna after the fall what are your thoughts on price action do you think the coin could get back to where it once was or are you being more conservative with your price predictions at maybe say a dollar in five years?

Would just be interested to get the communities views on all of this .

LUNA Project could follow as IRON Titan, (R – u — g — P — u — L — L )

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