Price Prediction

Do you think Luna classic will hit again 1 dollar?
How to have the new luna token if I have Luna classic on trustwallet?

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It’s over for us. Do Kwon has stabbed us in the back, and he continues to turn the knife to make the pain worse. LUNA and UST are deceased.

  1. No if the supply is 7 Trillion, which is why we are asking for a burn.
  2. Non-custodial wallets should automatically get the new tokens.

If burn mechanism is implemented and when the bull market returns it will probably reach 1usd in time

I just sold the last of my LUNA to preserve my last 1000 bucks from being sucked up. I think we are gonna see this spill over to all the coins now…way to go DO KON…you pretty much killed the whole crypto space. I will never return to crypto…have fun with this worthless shit.

I think we are in limbo at the moment. No one knows what is going to happen. Having some skin in the game is probably good. If things turn out favourable, new management is installed, burning is implemented, etc etc, then perhaps it turns out good for us, or…it really is end game here and we need to just close this forum and move on.