LUNA (2.0) free falling?

So… Yesterday, the price of $LUNA (and $LUNC) went down 20% from $6.3+ earlier, then down again to under $4.5+ . It’s clear that someone(s?) is sinking the prices but the questions are:

  1. is $LUNA at the verge of a free-fall similar to that of $LUNC? Remember the new coin is not backed by any stablecoin or anything really.
  2. who’s behind this and is this some new attack to TFL?
  3. when should TFL intervene here? Because whoever is behind this will surely profit if $LUNA price is pumped too soon and we don’t know if this is a new attack and thus the intentions are precisely to have TFL burn it’s reserve funds trying to prevent the price falling too much…

Most of the people had loss in many networks. Losses have been roughly the same size, around 60% across all portfolios. Analyzing the coins in our portfolio of the Terra netware, the losses are 78% are not to cry madly. I cry more with other portfolios than with this Terra Station. :weary: :tired_face: