Which exchange or wallet can accept ERC20 Luna

I have some ERC20 luna and need to transfer out of my exchange as they stop allowing us to trade.

Where can I transfer them to and do I need to swap them to Luna Terra for the airdrop?

If you need to withdraw it as ERC20, it will have to be to a wallet like Metamask (or another centralised exchange that accepts ERC20 Luna). Snapshot details for other chains are still being clarified, so you can wait for this before deciding if you should bridge them to a Terra Station wallet.

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Is there only 1 ver of ERC20 or different contracts ?

There are two main ones, Wrapped and Wormhole. Wrapped has been the “default” for a long time.

0xd2877702675e6cEb975b4A1dFf9fb7BAF4C91ea9 - Wrapped
0xbd31ea8212119f94a611fa969881cba3ea06fa3d - Wormhole