You changed the name of the vote it’s clear to see FRAUD

We arnt stupid we can see what happened. You put up a vote for the burn. Everyone said yes to it and you changed the name of the vote to terra builders alliance. It’s clear to see the vote statistics are exactly the same. This can not stand. This is fraud


I’m on neither side. but this is just not true. Be objective mate.

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The whole system has proven to be a fraud bro and you are moaning about the title change for the voting.

I lost about £17,000 and have no intentions to invest in version 2.0 of fraud. I would rather invest somewhere safe when I can clear my debt. I am more interested in knowing the future of Luna Classic if it will continue and we will be able to sell it if we want in the future or it will cease to exist?

I have about £700 in my wallet and although I consider it lost cause I would probably cash in 2-3 years in hope it will reduce my loss by some margin. But if the project is ceased to exist then I am not sure what to do with it. I am effed up already so have no intentions to converting my tokens to new fraud scheme

Thank you

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They are committing mass fraud on behalf of the investors!!!

What a non-sense.

The burn proposal is still up and running.
BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction