Airdrop eligibility for (a)UST holders on hardware wallets

I also held a significant amount of aUST token in my Safepal Wallet (Terra___) before the pre-attack snapshot, I have not received any airdrops yet…is the delay expected?

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its ok. but even nobody says this simple words!
i put message in their Telegram and sent some emails to Terra. but they never responded me even one time!
so, if i kept my tokens in wallet also, may i receive any airdrop in future?

If you have tokens on Terra wallet at the time of snapshot, you will get the airdrop there. The team is quite busy with the new stuff going around.

:bulb: airdrops can be confirmed via the explorer

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Hi. I checked my terra address here. There are coins inx ok classic net and no one else. What should i do? My address is on safepal wallet

If you have nothing showing in “Mainnet”, you were not eligible for the airdrop.

i haven’t received the airdrop, i have some lunas in ledger hw wallet. do i need to do anything in order to receive the airdrop?

No action required, please check your wallet address on or provide it here so I can look at it

Dear Rosanne

Wallet add is 0xf70c6AD476383230ee309f576DF8dA17F8D799B8

Could not find it at when I input this.

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Oh, that is not a Terra address. You can’t get an airdrop on an ethereum/bsc wallet at this time.

when will i get it if not this time?

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Some time after the dust settles and a community pool spend proposal passes, I guess

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Thanks Rose, most helpful!


I had my UST deposited “pre-attack” on Terra Station wallet.
12.05.2022 I withdrew them from terra station app to Cex.
I did not sell enything. unfortunately, after airdrop I did not get anything, to my terra statnion? did I do something wrong?
Thank you for any help.

my wallet

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UST was not eligible for the pre attack drop.