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I had puchased over 60K in WLUNA on coinbase all before the 26th of May. Because of security issues on coinbase I was unable to move my coins to my terra wallet. I did not receive on LUNA 2.0 coin. Is there anything I can do to get the airdrop?

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Nothing can be done.

here only thing tell is nothing can be done… Same for me !!! I had UST and this swissborg told me 2 hours before the snapshoot is taken to move on terrastation ! THING is : On mozzila it not working ! I losted time to config chrome and do it ! then last thing i miss it for 46 block… If you have a solution please contact me. Best thing is contact DO KWON but no one have his contact… WFT LUNA…

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You need to do things on time, we will not come to do for this.

I reckon we need to put things in perspective here. No doubt I have alot of doubts over Luna 2.0 myself…

You have a flight to catch (equates to moving on terra station). You booked for a taxi and along the way, the taxi broke down (equates to not working on Mozilla). The taxi company despatched another taxi but it made you waited (equates to lost time configuring Chrome) and you missed your flight (equates to missing the snapshot block).

What do you do? Banging table at the airlines (in retrospect Terra in this case) why a refund or new flight cannot be done for you? And because you didn’t get what you were expecting so it becomes a case of “WTF ABC Airlines”?

Man some people are on coinbase or swissborg any infos ! All is doing fast ! Then i think this is done for user to not have the time to exchange and rekt us ! swissborg had the infos 3 hours ago when snapshot is taken… this is what people will think… Personaly i wont stop to search until i speak to do kwon or dev… This is a bit easy to do … i see some people too was like me on erc20 and seem not have the airdrop too… many mistake in this…

I am not sure what else I could have done.

I did what I was told, but still did not get airdrop for pre-attack purchases.

On May 21, I moved all my WLUNA as unwrapped LUNA to Terra Station.

I had a pre-attack balance of 1009.973 WLUNA for which I should have got airdrop ratio of 1.1 = 1110.9703 new LUNA.

I did not get any LUNA for this pre-attack purchases from March 2021 onwards and before May 7th attack.

I only got airdrop for post-attack LUNA balance as of May 26th, which is much smaller amount of new LUNA.

That’s one of the problems with using coinbase and gemini unfortunately - they don’t have the “real” (native) tokens, a lot of them are just ethereum-wrapped, which are never included in native chain airdrops. (the other problem is exchanges usually don’t get or distribute airdrops at all! Always best to hold on a native chain, non-custodial wallet, unless the plan is to sell in the short-term)

Help! I cant get luna airdrop in my Tokocrypto wallet. When i check my wallet in there are some coins there, but my luna wallet in Tokocrypto only has 0.6 luna. Is there i can do to get my airdrop ?

I’m not familiar with Tokocrypto. Is it an exchange? If so, that wallet address may be the exchange’s wallet, not just yours. (If you need to use a memo when depositing Luna to the wallet, it is definitely not just your wallet)

Because the Luna needs to be in your Terra Station wallet on 7th May but you have transferred it on 21st May, so you would be eligible for the post attack drop only.