Did Kwon run away?

Hey just wondering, you all talking about how to bring Luna back but not even sure if Kwon is still with project? Maybe he just run away…


It’s not like he can make it far. He led two top ten cryptos and had his face plastered all over publications like Forbes. The Dude has a huge target that will follow him everywhere.

Its all over for me

It is not over man. You will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, wiser and smarter than ever. Keep your head up. I too lost most of my savins that were on UST. If you made it once, there is no reason why you can’t make it back again. Turn off your laptop, go out, go for a walk. I know it is hard to disconnect in moments like this, but it is your best shot at this point. Never say it is over for you. Tell me one successful person who hasn’t had to endure challenging times in their life on their way to the top! Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. This too shall pass.

Much love :heart:


Hang in there buddy

Everything can come under attack. This attack which is the pure definition of market manipulation required: billions of $, an intense propaganda campaign, and illegal activity (market manipulation) + character assassination of Do Kwon after.

The big question I have is knowing the attacker had access to billions of $ and the ability to violate Gemini’s and Binance’s Terms of Service against Market Manipulation and not have their accounts frozen or suspended (does anyone believe Gemini and Binance did not KYC the attacker) - will the crypto community allow the attacker(s) off the hook because they are too big to fight?


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He left the building with his lawyers xd