Pre-Attack aUST on Avalanche

If I remember correctly, there was $10b+ of UST in Anchor on Avalanche. I’ve searched everywhere and haven’t seen any clarification if these users are eligible for the pre-attack airdrop.

Anchor on AVAX was the second largest holder of UST, second only to Anchor on Terra. I’ve very surprised nothing has been said about these funds.

I understand that this airdrop would come at a later date, but I think clarification is needed. Is this aUST included in that snapshot?


Yes please Avax Anchor users deserve to be compensated also!

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I agree, I had a lot of savings in AVAX Anchor and have not received any word of compensation, this seems extremely unfair.


Technically the aUST on Avalanche would have been bridged UST upon deposit, and some Anchor contract would have the UST. If this means that Anchor’s addresses received the airdrop, this amount could obviously be redistributed to Avalanche depositors.

Shame there will likely never be any clarity on this :man_shrugging:


we need answers!

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Here to concur! Where is the airdrop for Avalanche folks?? Billions of dollars were deposited into Anchor via Avalanche!