Did not receive airdrop

Hi, my wallet address is terra1nqxx5u7qvms8rlc0j7g2qk9yfn0d7v5uqgdhxa

Despite having my Luna classic stored in the wallet, I have yet seen any new Luna airdrops. Kindly advice

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Your balance was too low to get an airdrop

Huh? i have both pre and post attack luna and yet my balance is considered too low to get an airdrop? i thought this particular revival was meant to support people with small wallets?

Post-attack, Luna had a supply of close to 7 trillion. So 50,000 luna would only eligible for a dust amount, which cannot be airdropped.

And there was no Luna on this wallet at the pre-attack snapshot.

I had 12~ lunas pre-attack which i have received via the airdrop… Thanks for that

I had another 840K~ post attack … for which i haven’t received an air drop
Pleas help … would really appreciate it
My wallet address is terra1v0k88n23026xtqve47t3jme5c7wgytz4ulpgg5
@rosanne89 - thanks in advance

this address has correct airdrop according to this article Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic | by Zion Schum | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium.

rate for post-attack luna is 0,0000153079, so the airdrop should be 840000 Ă— 0,0000153079 = ~12.8.
you have 30% of it unlocked, the rest is staked and vested.


ok understood … but then i also had 12 luna pre-attack … so i was supposed to receive 1.01~ for the pre-attach Luna … isnt it ?
sorry for the bother @alagiz but would really appreciate ur assistance in this.

This wallet did not have any Luna at the pre-attack snapshot. It is all counted as Post-attack Luna.

Hi @rosanne89 , @alagiz

I appreciate you responding promptly and assisting everyone

yes i did move all my coins to the Terra station wallet from binance around the 25-May … so that i could get new Luna airdropped. Please see the screenshot below which is my account statement from binance as on 05-May. I hope you look into this and do the necessary. Thanking you

That does not matter - there was no balance on that wallet at the snapshot, so the wallet cannot be included in the pre-attack airdrop. If it was on Binance at May 7, you will get the airdrop on Binance.

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my last question @rosanne89 … yes it was on binance on May 7… but thereafter i moved it to the terrastation wallet on25-May or so … so that i could receive the airdrop

Will i still get the airdrop on binance … although currently i have 0 luna there as i moved everything to the terrastation wallet?

Yes, exactly. The first snapshot takes into account wallet balances on May 7, it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t there any more after May 7.

Hi there!
I’m experiencing the same issue of not having received the airdrop.
I transferred approx 48,689 old Luna on wednesday 25/05 on my Terra station wallet. A small part were from Binance (and for those I received the drop on Binance), but as for the remaining ones, nothing has been accredited on my wallet. When I switch to mainnet, there is nothing but the weird phrase “Coins required to post transactions”. But I did no transactions as of today.

Can you please guys help out?
Thank you so much!


P.S.: my wallet address: terra1unnpj5hvvnsdqs2qy049a47twlj08703ej4eal

You didn’t have enough $LUNC to qualify for an airdrop.

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Hi, I transferred 2,376,843.515259 Luna to my Terra Station wallet on 26th May, address
I never received the airdrop. I have since swapped my classic Luna to UST to try and get the
funds out of my wallet, but they appear to be stuck.
Please can you authorise the airdrop of Luna V2,
Thank you

You transferred your fund after the snapshot was taken. The snapshot was at block 7790000 and you moved your fund at block 7792503.


Appreciate everyone is busy and tried to search for this on the previous topics. I can’t seem to create a new one so adding it here.

I had all my luna pre-attack in Liquidity Pools on Terraswap (luna/bluna) and Astroport (luna/stluna), over two different wallets. They do not appear to have qualified for the luna 2.0 airdrop, is that correct?

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Okay, thanks

And I received an airdrop to Binance… as far as I understand it is 30%
But the number of LUNCs remained unchanged :-/
I can’t understand the meaning. Or are they tied to LUNA and will only disappear if I sell LUNA ?

You can sell your LUNC, they are unrelated now :slight_smile: