Bug in Terra Station Classic

I’m looking at my Terra Station on the Classic Network.

It says I have 2689 Luna (classic Luna) which is worth approximately 14000 UST.

When I click Swap and try to swap it to UST, the number is only about 11 UST. So the number 12982 on the display was incorrect, unless I’m misunderstanding how to read the display.

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I’m curious as well because mine is showing the same issue- but I’m sure it’s a bug.

Btw watch for scammers. After I made this post, I got this message from a scammer:

correctly its a bug.

You may be looking at the old coins… I see the old coins there too. They weren’t changed yet

There a few bugs on terra station classic, still waiting to be solved

honestly- people need to get lives. it’s so annoying.