Calculating the exact ust-luna rates pre and post event

If UST holders at block 7544914 were to be distributed current LUNA, what would the rate be.

I was thinking something like at the moment of that block: UST-USD rate divided by LUNA-USD rate (for example say 0.9/80) = 0.01125 LUNA per UST. Then inflate it by the supply inflation to be ~19000x more, or 213.75 current LUNA per former UST. This is an example, I’m looking to do the exact maths.

Can anybody provide the exact rates, it may be useful to consider.

The subsequent question would be how much UST would need handled, then what is the total amount required to purchase to settle, then is there enough in reserves to buy this.

Context would be in terms of using all the current holding to buy up LUNA, distribute this amount per UST to holders at that block, then burn the rest. Uniting everyone under one ship, combining fates, swapping inflation with deflation, seems the only viable long term solution.

Just looking to do the maths and work out if it’s works out, regardless of other issues, proposals, etc.