Can't switch network ledger to classic and can't stake ledger Luna

Can’t connect web wallet on ledger device to classic network, there is no option to choose network

Steps To Reproduce Issue
Connect ledger wallet to web wallet

Expected Result
Connect to Luna classic network to stake Luna classic

Actual Result
Can’t choose network

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)
There is no option to choose network in web wallet, desktop wallet has no option to connect to ledger wallet, extension has no option to stake but connect to classic network

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Classic luna can’t be staked.

I have the same problem here. There is no way to move UST or LUNC from a ledger to an exchange. When will this be fixed?

You can do it with the browser extension.

I can’t send Luna classic with chrome extension
Getting this error
[DecimalError] Invalid argument: undefined
how to send Luna classic with ledger without Bluetooth, firefox extension don’t want to connect

Can someone ban this scammer @rosanne89

thanks! he is removed

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have you tried using for sending your luna?

Hi @alagiz
Can’t change network to Luna classic, only with chrome extension can change network but error when open to sent

is this extension legit?

I have asked the team. Please do not install it before we have confirmation. It is not listed on the official downloads page: Download — Terra Docs documentation

I will listen to your advice and won’t install it.
When to expect bug on chrome extension to be fixed? The bug is classic network ledger can’t send Lunc.
Also, how to connect ledger on firefox extension? I get an error this browser doesn’t support ledger.

Found a temporary solution

I cant send any Terra Classic with the Terra Station Wallet when using my ledger Nano S, I get an error ‘insufficient fees’ and there’s no way of adjusting the fees so totally stuck.

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