Celsius LUNA holder Pre Attack

Hi I had 92 luna staking on Celsius pre attack - only heard about the cut off for the snapshot on the 28th of May so to take my account off HODL mode and then transfer to another wallet there was no time to make the cut-off.

Anyone know if i can get the airdrop, would like to recoup some of my losses



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I’m not sure if Celsius was eligible for the drop, as I haven’t heard their name in the airdrop list. You should check with them, and if they are eligible they will get the drop to distribute among the users.

I looked into my celsius account and the recieving address for LUNA is

When I run this through Terra finder it says 200 lunas

No idea what above means ? anyone can help ?

You had the drop. I’m not a Celsius user but please check with Celsius team if you can import Celsius wallet to Terra wallet to access to the airdrop.

do you use a memo when depositing to this address? if so, the 200 luna belongs to more accounts than just yours.

Thanks guys … some hope !! Have submitted a request with Celsius, I do use a memo id - anyway to use it to check

Yeh 200 is high based on allocations - according to calc should be about 30 lunas - still better than nothing.

no way for us to check it sorry! hope they will distribute it :slight_smile:

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