Didnt get airdrop

After checking your wallet, I have seen that you have send tokens after the snapshot block. The post attack snapshot block was 7790000 and you have send first 1 Million Luna at 7790152 block, so you have send after the post attack snapshot that’s why you haven’t got the drop.

but according to the official twitter announcement it was hours before. and before terra tweeted that the snapshot is over my transfer was done around two hours before. on twitter the official announcement said until may 26th 19:59 UCT. I sent around 18:00 UCT

Because I had lot of UST there but can you confirm if I received the airdrop for the UST anchor deposit pre-attack, as well as for the post attack snapshot?

I don’t think I have.

Block times are variable, it was always going to be based on that specific block, not that specific time

If it was “always” going to be based on a specific block and “not” time, why was the official announcement made in “time” not “block”? Since time is irrelevant I mean? Shouldn’t we have gotten the announcement in block number?

And proof the block height was not edited in, this is in the Terra Telegram from May 17 (you can check for yourself that it isn’t edited)

I am not saying anything was edited at all, or that you are wrong. What I am saying is that the initial announcement made on twitter (I follow twitter), mentioned the time as 19:59 UCT on may 26 for a deadline. So that’s what I went by and bridged before that time. It is confusing to follow a block number when time is given in an official tweet, that’s all. And actually the very first tweet says may the 28th at 6 UCT. the tweets are still posted if anything. It was not mentioned on twitter to disregard the time deadline since block times can vary; no way to tell. Again, why post a time deadline then…

But the post attack block has already happened before that.

Hey, I checked your txs and you have got the right amount.

Checked all of your three wallets. You are only eligible for a very very less amount of airdrop even less than 1 Luna that’s why you are not eligible.

That’s correct. But on Terra Station, you didn’t get it.

It seems that I didn’t receive my Luna Airdrop for my aUST / UST deposits on Anchor even though I still had them before the pre-attack snapshot. So far I have only received the Luna 2.0 for my LunaC

My Terra Station wallet: terra1lqnn2fednfqf9anmgkxvhgwyqa0cwvmv97vghn

Buddy, there’s only Luna airdrop for aUST, UST and Luna.

Looks pretty spot on to me:

168 LUNA airdropped

8541 aust x 0.01827712143 =156
9.24 LUNA x 1.034735071 = 9.56

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From what I read you were only too late to get your coins airdropped onto terra station. They would still have been airdropped to trust wallet if you had them there at snapshot. I had the same issue. Import your trust wallet into terra station and you will have the coins. That’s what i did and the way were there.

You are right, the wallet that sent these coins has an airdrop Terra Finder

Thank you for your reply. Though I am bit confused. I have around 205 Lunc in my wallet which seemed where withdrawn from TerraStation Staking. (TX hash: A5AF6101B9BD5D20931FDAE09A4FDD09FC13E1719D0475982603F20E3E9DDBCB)

Should I also receive an airdrop for this amount? To be honest I am not really sure where those 205 Lunc are from. I suppose from staking my original 8.5 Lunc.

this was after the airdrop snapshot :slight_smile:

So even though they were staked during the first snapshot they are not included, because they weren’t withdrawn into Terrastation before the last snapshot?

I didn’t know that unclaimed staking rewards were not included in the airdrop. Thank you for help btw.

Yeah that’s right, staking rewards don’t count as staked tokens. And they would have only accumulated to such a high figure after the first snapshot, so even if you had withdrawn before the second snapshot, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near enough to get an airdrop (since the ratio is 1/0.0000153079 for the post-attack snapshot)