No airdrop

I had post attack LUNAs at Kraken, send them out at 24th May and made sure they showed on Mainnet and in Terra Station desktop. Friend of mine did exactly the same thing. I did not receive airdrop (classic network show my LUNA as it was, mainnet shows 0), my friend got airdrop. So what did i need to do now?


I have the same problem and still no answer

Same problem I hold post attack luna before snapshot was taken and no airdrop

got wallet address?

Terra 2.0 terra1vnl845vffqsm3c57sgde7hwc65l8hqjw6e2ych - no tokens
Terra Classic terra1vnl845vffqsm3c57sgde7hwc65l8hqjw6e2ych I have tokens before snapshot was taken

you deposited it to terra after the snapshot was made. snapshot was made at block 7790000.

No airdrop on my yet

Coins were purchased at various dates since last year and 3 weeks ago.

I am not sure how they will distribute them but yeah not received any tokens as yet

Could you plz help to check this wallet : terra1x4tv4za5ppp38c0huwlqkxlfq9667n5sa4wym3

I didnt receive anything in this wallet

this address looks eligible, i’ll ask the team

it all depends on, they need to make the airdrop happen; nothing can be done on our side, they have the airdrop, contact them for their plans

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here is my wallet: terra1y8fhaul7njh87pkm8j0s3m6dmqacsfyhfr80r4

Was the Sifchain snapshot supposed to be taken pre-attack? I did not get anything for Sifchain, unless it was it the post-attack ratio (which would then be a meaningless amount).


ive got x Luna coin in my binance app, did i need to do something to get airdrop?

will the old lunacoin turn into classic or Luna 2.0?

Thank you for your help

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Same problem for me.
Would you please verify my address:

thank you

also looks eligible, i’ll ask the team

sifchain is eligible for both pre-attack and post-attack but it will be distributed later Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop. Terra 2.0 is nearly here. As a… | by MC | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

assuming you are eligible - it all depends on binance, they need to make the airdrop happen; nothing can be done on our side, they have the airdrop, contact them for their plans

hey, luna was deposited to this address after the snapshot, snapshot happened at block 7790000

I understand thank you. I would love to know if the Wormhole Luna in my BSC network on Metamask would be taken into account in the airdrop later ?
My Metamask @ : 0xDBE17eec36e15838788322B5D06460512B63b832

Thank you alagiz for the effort !

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