How to participate in airdrop

Yes you have quite a good understanding. You can move your coins to Terra Station to be sure you get the allocation from the second snapshot, but the first snapshot has passed so we all have to hope that our exchanges will support it to get that bigger allocation.

I have ust on anchor protocol . will I get an drop ?

This is my question, i bought Luna on kucoin, what i need to do? Is it bridged off of Terra?

When was the first snapshot done?

the proposal says UST for the post-attack snapshot, I imagine aUST is included but to be sure you could just remove your coins out of Anchor so they are back as UST instead of aUST

May 7th

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I do not know if Kucoin will support the airdrop, so your best bet is moving to a Terra Station wallet before the secondary snapshot.

How i move to terra station?

Hi man, how did you do that? I mean I wanted to do the same but it shows me on KuCoin, that withdraw fee is 5000 LUNA. I have less LUNA, than I have to pay for withdrawal. What was in your case?

You should be able to withdraw from the Assets page on Kucoin. Might need to move from trading wallet to main before withdrawing. It is quite simple once you have a Terra Station wallet, just grab your new Terra Station address to withdraw to. No memo needed to Terra Station, but if moving back to Kucoin after you will need the Kucoin memo then.

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Not worth it in this case

so let it be like this ? (As screenshot)

And where shall i received the airdrop? If kucoin support, shall i get the airdrop on my exchange wallet or on my terra station wallet? And if in my terra station wallet, the airdrop token should be named as new Luna? I mean there Will be 2 coins names there?

Yep that is how you need it. Not sure yet on details, but if Kucoin support, you will get the 1st snapshot allocation on Kucoin, and the second snapshot allocation on your new Terra Station wallet.

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what do you mean?

If you have less Luna than the withdrawal fee, it will not be worth trying to qualify for the second snapshot on May 27.

Добрый день,а если у меня токены Луна на Бинансе,я попал в первый снимок???

да, если они были у вас до 7 мая

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Отлично спасибо,А что мне дальше делать что бы мне выдали новые токены Луна и как принять участие в аирдропе и подскажите пожалуйста время по UTC первого снимка???

I undersood it. Does it mean that all my LUNA funds which had been on KuCoin for more than 6 months are gone and I will not get any compensation for it?

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So, if we simple hold Luna on terra wallet we ll get the snapshot on 27…which is good.Then we ll be validated for genesis Luna airdrop?

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