How to participate in airdrop

I’m wondering the same thing as you, I haven’t found an answer anywhere yet…


That is a lot of questions. The team will come out with more info before the 27th - that is the snapshot date so if you wish to move your coins to Terra Station you should do so before then.

Do mentioned they will work with exchanges to support the airdrop but it is always more of a sure thing if you hold it in a personal wallet like Terra Station.


ok, suppose that I will transfer all my Luna to terrastation in one or two withdraws ( 1st withdraw with small amount to see if the transfer will be successful ) . After that , terrastation will be possible to find which part of asset LUNA was bought before the unpeg and which part of LUNA was bought after unpeg so to make the correct distribution ?
Also , who are eligible for airdrop ? and finally what will be happened with LUNA if don’t removed from exchange ?


No matter where you hold it, it will all be counted the same on May 27. If you held it at the pre-depeg snapshot, you will get an allocation from that snapshot if the exchange supports it. The second snapshot will not differentiate between old and new holders.

More information will come out before May 27, I do not have all the details as I am just a community moderator.


Will I be eligible for the airdrop if my WLUNA is in metamask?


See the proposal details

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Do I understand correctly, If I will have my UST and Luna on terra station wallet it will be ok for airdrop?

on the

I found info that terra :

Note: Wallets owned by Terraform Labs are excluded from any airdrop allocations. Wallets owned by Terraform Labs will not recieve any token allocation at genesis.

Is MetaMask included as well ?

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And how do I sent them to terra station wallet ? Also have some in KuCoin !


First open a Terra Platform Wallet. After that just send them from your kucoin account using the public adress of your Terra Platform Wallet. No need to fill in the memo on Kucoin…

Thanks for ur swift answer ! Will my luna be visible when i send them from metamask (eth network ) to terra station wallet ?

i think we will received on kucoin or binance as like the others rewards

I used the terra network. It worked for me at that moment…

Can you assist me?

I have roughly 150,000 UST that was bought before the crash on OkCoin platform. Now it’s down to about 10K USD. I held (unfortunately)… but what does this all mean? Is it gone for good? Is there a chance of revival? What do I need to do to ensure that I am part of this airdrop???


I think I responded to you on Telegram? This means that the company’s wallets will not get the airdrop. So you are fine holding on Terra Station.

You can’t send directly to Terra Station from Metamask as it is on a different chain, please use to unwrap them.

I have Luna at Crypto_com. Is it good to go for airdrops or do I need to do anything? I’m not that tech savvy and this is my first crypto foray.

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The team is working to try and get exchange support for the airdrop but it isn’t a ‘sure thing’, your best bet is withdrawing to a Terra Station wallet.


I didn’t quite understand.
Is the snapshot going to take into account my balance when I attack?
or do i have to buy ust to be able to participate in the air drop of the recovery plan?
If I buy ust today I will have more than at the time of the attack (as the ust has lost a lot in value).
How do I know what will be returned to me?
How can I still have confidence and not accept this loss and move on and forget about the luna blockchain?

If you already have UST or Luna, your balance will be accounted for on the next snapshot. You do not need to do anything.