Why did Do Kwon and Terra Labs decide to ignore people that bought on the 8 to the 12 of May when prices were still very high. I feel it’s unjust to Us. For we decide to have our own snapshot and also our own ratio. It will be fair to us.


i sold my all other coins and
i bought at 8.96usd each luna i have 404 Luna so if get 0.000015 X 404 = 0.00606

My all investment will finish
i bought because they Tweet
dont panic.

Best way to take snapshot of purchase price its the better way to distribute

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It’s not fair, I agree.


Bro they don’t care about us,I believe in the wrong person and lost many years of savings. I just have to wait and expect him to treat us fairly


Lol because you were trying to catch a falling knife in hopes to make some quick cash. It was obvious that it was gonna hit 0. You’re at the casino not in kindergarten, take responsibility for your actions…


Do you still have Luna or did you sell?

Yes I know it’s a death spiral, I just chose to trust Do kwon.Now that he’s proposing a distribution, there needs to be fairness, and it’s clear that he dumped people who bought because of his tweets

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with the price of luna on bybit if you do airdrop2 for those who purchased ustc!! it would stabilize the network very easily!! I would really like lunc at a considerable price because I entered at 10$ but I only have 23000 lunc that doesn’t solve my loss of ustc and lunc

The airdrop showed the prospect of the price of the new moon for the coming year.
Those who get now 1=0.000015 will never get even half of the money back.
Those who saved the sinking ship are thrown overboard. This is a bestial attitude.
I will never use anything related to terra. And I will bring it to millions of people.

Looks like New Luna also dropping currently trading at ~ 6.87 > 6.75
I think the team is doing something fundamentally wrong
As a result, this all is happening

There is nothing taking care of your responsibility. We deserve like others too to have our own portion of Lunas.

You talk about speculation, you talk about false advertising,you defend, that any investment can reach ZERO. that’s right. but when there is speculation and false information to induce more sales, that is called scam

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Do kwon tweeted people that they were fixing the problem, coming up with recovery plans, deploying more capital. Then people believed that do kwon chose to invest and ended up getting 0. The new distribution threw this group out, why still Some people will think these are gamblers, if do kwon hadn’t posted, then there wouldn’t be so many people who felt unfair. Because we felt cheated and unfair


We already have enough threads about why you specifically need another snapshot/bigger airdrop/more of everything.