People who bought luna between 8 may to 12 may

People who bought lunc between the 8th May to 12 May are the greatest losers

Steps To Reproduce Issue
I don’t understand why a snapshot wasn’t taken to take in consideration people that bought on these dates. This is totally unfair and being one of them, I feel an injustice has been done to us

Expected Result

Actual Result

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Many people lost everything,they don’t care about us.I’m replying to posts every day trying to get noticed. but it didn’t get their attention



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… you are right but it is late… Its me who created a post for us who bought between 8may-12may but no one supported me…


They don’t care about people who lost because of their mistakes.

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I also bought LUNA on May 10th. I lost everything. I don’t think it’s our fault. we are not to blame for the fact that our LUNA was diluted with new a thousand times. we bought LUNA when it could have been < 400 million. But then they printed a lot of new ones. they diluted our coin with new. They robbed us and do not want to resolve the issue with us.

this is totally unfair and will triger many lawsuits.


Unfortunately real losers who bought luna between 8 to 12.


Yes bro

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