Is LUNA (2.0) in danger?

So I don’t know where’s the best topic to post this, as it may be suitable for the markets section (if this is not a new attack and only some form of strong-armed shorting strategy by who knows who) and the stability section (because LUNA 2.0 is still vulnerable, the community is still upset about the whole LUNC catastrophe, the public opinion of TFL is at stake and we don’t know if someone is going to strike LUNA’s foundations again)…

Yesterday, the price of $LUNA (and $LUNC) went down 20% from $6.3+ earlier, then down again to under $4.5+ . It’s having a hard time recovering as everytime it rises a bit, it’s driven down again. It’s clear that someone(s?) is sinking the prices but the questions are:

  1. is $LUNA at the verge of a free-fall similar to that of $LUNC? Remember the new coin is not backed by any stablecoin or anything really.

  2. who’s behind this and is this some new attack to TFL?

  3. when should TFL intervene here? Because whoever is behind this will surely profit if $LUNA price is pumped too soon and we don’t know if this is a new attack and thus the intentions are precisely to have TFL burn it’s reserve funds trying to prevent the price falling too much…

  4. is there any internal and external auditing department that can look into this and see if there’re aby shady intentions from any party (even people from TFL) behind this? As I’ve said in the past… Call me a cynic, because i am, but i can imagine how TFL could allegedly profit from the masses buying big now to refill it’s capital reserves, depleted after the LUNC crash.

I think, for the sake of LUNA’s and Terra’s stability, transparency is absolutely critical now that the new chain is still a novelty

Luna 2 is a common scam. Almost no one needs her. She has no trust.


people are starting to panic we are in a bear, volatility is expected especially with binance + leverage

I’m actively tracking 8 different cryptos, LUNC and Luna 2.0 are the only two with double digit negative. I guess that sums it up as a quick answer.

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this is luna classic go luna 2.0 forum for this discussion, we dont care about luna 2.0

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First, watch out your attitude. you don’t need to be disrespectful to transmit the same idea. Second, this post was published on June 5, way before the 2 forums were divided. Third, of course it should matter to you what happens to LUNA 2.0 because it impacts the price of LUNC (LUNA 1.0). Right after the launch of LUNA 2.0, the price for both coins were inversely related and lately they’ve been more or less following each other. So basically, even if we would like to have both coins behave totally independently of each other, they aren’t at the moment…

Sold my luna 2…bought more Lunc! Glory to luna!

Super genius DK made such a plan that its supply will increase for 2 years. How can it gain value? Better release the all airdrops immediately…

Another issue is that it tries to destroy LUNC, which damages LUNA v2.