Recent price action of Luna

Someone bought huge amount of luna. It was like institutional buying with massive volume. Maybe something serious is going on behind the curtains, maybe it is just speculation. Any thoughts??

0.0015 is the price at which post attack luna converts to v2 luna at the same as pre attack Luna bought at $100.

Leaving maths out of it, it’s pretty simple to see that the old combined market cap of Luna+UST was 60bn, and it’s only 2bn at the minute, so seems pretty safe by most standards if policy allows.

Realistically there are many funds that could just buy the entire cap easily, just need one or two to take a “punt” as it were. Don’t forget terra actually is a novel unique platform with real utility and low cost of usage + fast transactions, there aren’t many of them around.

1 week downward trend has changed, this may be the start of a new uptrend. I think with burn or not, Luna Classic will be very appealing to many traders, investors, crypto lovers… It has extremely high beta now, that’s very attractive to many.

Well, the downtrend from 0.0006 came to exhaustion… this is more like a relief pump at this point. If the price manages to get above 0.0004 and breaks previous 0.0006 then we can say uptrend… until then it’s still an downward trajectory with relief pumps from time to time…

yes, obviously VCs and whales will accumulate

sellers finna get rekt


It will probably retest the previous top

There is still ongoing institutional buying… That’s very positive. Interesting and surprising things will happen…

Another question is, will it face a dummp after snapshot? I dont think so because buyers are holding for the value of Luna Classic. They don’t care about to be airdropped with an untrustworthy valueless token.

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0.0015 is the price at which post attack luna converts to v2 luna

what? who told u it converts at a certain price

it converts based off the ratio of v1 supply to the % allocation of the v2 supply for each tier. post attack v1 holder cohort gets 10% allocation in the v2 of which 70% is locked for years

0.0015 is the marketcap equivalent of $10 billion loosely speaking. to get there luna must be fully reinvigorated to the point where it restores the peg although I think even then there is a ghost of a chance that figure is manageable

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It’s not hard

I bought Luna at 3$ with 1000$, then when it was 1$ with 100$, after in 0.1 with 100$, and when 0.02 with 70$, so my total buy is 1270$, and I have an amount that a person can now buy with 1$ :upside_down_face: so why these people didn’t think of this, I know people lost more but this 1270$ in my currency it’s a lot of money that’s equal to 6 months payment. And now how much I’ll get 0, That’s a F-up thing to see and live with. What happened is happened We can’t go in past, don’t know who voted for this plan, but I learned my lesson never trust any project even Bitcoin and the top coins/tokens behind it.