LUNA 2.0 Airdrop - Avalanche Anchor Deposits

I’ve seen a bunch of assumptions being thrown around this forum, and it’d be great to get some clarification around the state of airdrops for Anchor depositors on the Avalanche network.

When UST on Avalanche was deposited into Anchor, it was bridged to Terra through Wormhole. This means it is perfectly feasible to keep track of these deposits on-chain.

The inability to do this for the airdrop is at best laziness and an affront to the thousands of users who deposited billions in the protocol. At worse, the airdrop was given to wallet addresses controlled by either Wormhole or the Anchor protocol, meaning these funds were actively stolen from the users affected, and no one is saying anything.

Given that all Terra and Anchor social channels seem to be closed, can anyone from the team give some clarification on this?




I also had a significant amount of deposits in Anchor via Avalanche. It is 100% feasible to airdrop back to the addresses on Avalanche that held aUST. Really waiting to see a way forward on this.

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I’m in the same boat. Come across any new information?