Luna 2.0 - Success at the razor’s edge of failure

Listen, I see everyone whining about the new Luna 2.0.

New Luna can become greater and stronger if we as community unite around the cause. In 2020, when Luna Classic launched, it was also $5, few months later 30+, a year later 100.

This new Luna is the fast track from past failures. Remember that LUNA did not fail, it was attacked! On Day 1, went to 30$. This has to tell you something.

Yes, on Airdrop coins get sold out, it is free money, and since there were so many people screwed and had tremendous losses, they want to recover part of the capital.

Think long term.

The more you hold LUNA as community, the more the price would go UP!

No UST mechanism here anymore, so what happened to the Luna Classic is not going to repeat itself with Luna 2.0.

Luna 2.0 total supply is 1.0 billion, which is way better than 6.5 trillion with LuNAC. That’s why Luna 2.0 will never go below 0.0X or even 0.X!

Hold your horses, I know most people lost trust in the project, but what Terra did in two years, can do it in 6 months!! The path is already paved. This project was a treat to the banking system and the financial system, that’s why they deliberately took it down with what they have in excess - fiat. They started to lose control, because cash is trash.


I agree.
I am new in the Terra space but I have been seeing a lot of good.
The termoil of past days will be a proof of the strength … of the community.
We can make it happen.
Who ever now gets to sell luna classic or the new luna for the quick buck, will regret later.
I like it here, i will stay.

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your preaching to the choir here my guy. people that are here are invested in luna. wich is a minority of all retail traders.
you want people to hold their horses cause the result of this fork is obvious, and just you wait when binance, etc make it available for its users to sell out what they have.

you say people lost their trust in the project, well no wonder don’t you think? Do Kwon’s main concern should be to make it right for those that lost money with his project, I’m not one of those people.

I’m an opportunist that got in at a very low price. No shame in that, but what is right is right. and do Kwon didn’t do right by the previous holders. and now you want them to again trust the project?
good luck!


Not all lost trust in the project. However, those who have lost trust in the project is for the wrong reasons.

Shit happens in life, there’s no two way about it, but for someone to put all life savings into a bet is ridonkeylous, if you know what I mean. One should risk only what he or she is willing to lose. How the project, its owners should be responsible for that? They made a decision to put it all into one project, knowing the risk involved, or maybe they did not.

and NO, I ain’t selling on Binance at that price :slight_smile:

Fake projects exist, Luna is not a project that falls into this category. However, someone had an interest in making it look like so! The financial system is rigged from its core, it is not difficult to determine who and why has a best interest of this apocalypse and Luna has been gaining momentum. Sounds like a perfect excuse, right? It is not :slight_smile: it is the truth people can’t handle.

It is a nice idea, those who lost should be compensated somehow, why you act like you care, you know that’s not how life works. There will be always winners and losers. If you want to win, someone has to lose, because when you sell, someone has already lost, even if you are profiting.


Community prefers Luna Classic over New Luna. And you missed the most important part, Terra is extremely notorious worldwide. So nobody is willing to invest in Luna, on the contrary many see this as a tremendous shorting opportunity. It is not comparable to the earlier days of true Luna, there was good reputation back then.

Do you think life saving in UST is a gamble. If someone puts in LUNA its a gamble but for $ - $ stable coin if you are keeping how is this mistake. The reason many lost faith is UST not LUNA. If they rescue people who were saving money in UST the confidence can be regained but instead they ignored UST completely and focused on New LUNA token.

Ok so, what is the purpose if LUNA 2 and/or Terra 2? This is unclear to me. What does LUNA 2 DO ? A governance token? What’s Terra 2, a chain with degen apps and tokenized tricks that could be on practically any other chain? What’s Terra 2.0 goal, serious question.

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Luna can rise again from the failure it is hero!

Tôi đồng ý với quan điểm của bạn và tôi tin rằng cộng đồng sẽ không xa rời luna
Luna mới ra đời là để lấy lại niềm và phát triển cộng đông.

I 350000 aust holders, sell at $0.3. I’m glad Luna2 can quickly restart, if do nothing, that is irresponsible. I got the LUNA2, further reduce my loss, please continue to work hard LUNA2 team.

What community wants? Going against the herd is the best bet!! Why? The common sense is very uncommon. People have no idea what’s going on and make decisions based of a whim, or based off a loss. How’s that winning?

That’s why, if 90% of the community wants something, the best bet is the other 10%! :grinning: That’s the truth, that’s why they are lying to you, because very few can handle it!

Luna Classic is gone. Project is compromised, attacked, shot down. Ain’t coming back. We have to learn from failures as well as Luna staff and make it bigger, stronger, better.

Failure is a stepping stone to success.

Reputation is built overtime, but it is also closely related to leadership.

The tech of Luna is great, it just lacks better leadership, especially in down spiral moments like this. Do Kwon , you heard me :slight_smile:

That’s a war on positioning, economic depression is coming. Be prepared or do not. Luna still can change the financial system, because what happened to LUNA , can be engineered to all fiat currencies as well and it is very likely to happen. We are running out if time!

Hyper inflation is not a new term , can happen with any project, but the truth is, inflation or hyperinflation are engineered to happen, it doesn’t just happen by accident, it is part of the economic cycle. They are watching.

@Swaqhas dude, it is a gamble. No project, stablecoin is immune from failure. They even attacked the USDT, but the reason it did not go into the hole like UST was because, it was needed much bigger capital to start the event. UST was relatively new, the 4pool was not implemented yet, which could have helped.

Projects get hacked all the time, nothing is safe heaven, that’s why diversifying investments is a wise thing to do. If one fails, the other can compensate.


Well put.


I will give you some perspective.

Do you think that Kwon could run away from litigation?

I don’t think so. They allow some time for them to create Luna2 and massive legal issues are coming along the way.

The feedback from receiving tiny air drop has already shown the result. The victims are not happy at all.

Although Kwon could mobilize a number of support from partners and people in the industry, the price could go up and down, but retails are angry. They don’t see any trust in anything this Kwon team does.

Once the newspaper publish the massive legal case to them, do you think Luna2 can survive?

The real Luna community in fact loves the Luna chain., they trust in the technology, but not under the leadership of the previous team.

This is the true value of Luna.

I so much believe once Luna is run by genuine engineers, genuine financial team, and genuine new investors, either full or partial decentralized. LUNA CLASSIC WILL BE MOON AGAIN.


Litigation is time consuming and expensive process, it depends who’s representing you. How do I know? Litigation should involve old Luna, not the new one. It is a clean slate.

Retails are not savvy investors, they go with Doge, Shib and other shit coins to gamble, and they got burned there as well, that’s not quality investors that’s going to help the project forward.

Retails come and go, investors hold and remain long-term.

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But there is a chance to take away the loot, then throwing it into the dustbin of history;)