I will explain why.

First of all nearly %90 of the community wants burn either by reserves or transaction taxes. Still, if this second proposal of Do Kwon passes it is very predictable what will happen.

  1. New LUNA will face an immediate dummp because of the lack of trust in Terra and it will be seen as the last exit before the bridge.
  2. Many people still believe in the classic LUNA(as you can see from the trading volume) and they believe in the heroic comeback for all the whole cryptocurrency world.
  3. People like CZ are still in the favour of classic LUNA, they know there is huge volume, lots of newcomers and they mentioned that it must be saved by burning. Apart from that, there is an ongoing meme coin popularity that is backed by Elon Musk. Luna Classic will be the most popular meme coin with a unique history, there will be new communities, disciples, and cults of LUNA classic.

I personally think new luna will initially moon, thus why ill be investing into it, even though theres trust issues a ton of people will still buy it expecting it to moon, ill do too

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The current luna chain. Luna Classic or the name we decide, Needs a community process, for making its mission and creating the burn mechanisms that majority of the community agrees. Lets work on it since now on!

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I really hope both thrive… Since there will be 2 chains and 2 rescue visions, we should implement the burning ideas in luna classic after the fork occur.


Now it is being bought online by fools in the hope of becoming millionaires, and speculators.

And it is IMPOSSIBLE to burn it.

Tens of Billions will remain in the wallets in anticipation of growth.

How to burn what is on wallets and exchanges? How to get back to one billion???

I’m already tired of these burners that can’t sit 2+2

LUNAinu )

New mi̇ssi̇on for luna classi̇c this idea ?

I hope you lose every penny you put in that coin.


I’ll put in an extra 10k$ for this comment!

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